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Digital Inspection Services has designed and built the STB-1 ROV Test Box. Downtime is a major issue for most ROV operators, using this test box, will dramatically reduce downtime on Seaeye systems.
We have designed the STB-1 to be used by personnel of all levels of experience. The deck lead is plugged into the unit via a harting patch cable. Once this has been done, the user follows a simple procedure. This procedure can be done with the ROV in the water, the vehicle is then brought to deck and tested again. This will show if the fault is water/pressure related. Once on deck, following the procedure, most AC/DC faults can be found within 10-15 minutes.
Also the STB-1 can test the continuity of the twisted pairs within the system. Some system equipment can be function tested using the test box. Cameras, tilt motor, Aux equipment (Sonar etc) and thruster motors.

Main Features -

AC & DC Insulation testing of -

Deck Lead
Fixed JB
Dynamic JB
Main Lift
TMS Epod
Tether JB
U1 Whip
ROV Epod
Any 3 Phase Equipment

Function Tests -

Tilt Motor
Aux Equipment - Sonar etc
Thruster Motors

Cable Continuity Tests -

ROV Tele
TMS Tele
Sonar Tele
Manip Tele
Video 1
Video 2
Aux 1
Aux 2

The STB 1 also has a built-in media player, this comes pre-loaded with video tutorials on the operation of the unit.

Here is the link to our website -

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions etc

Many Thanks,

John Benson
Digital Inspection Services

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Well done John! Do you think the cost will be prohibitive for some smaller operator companies? NOTE: I do not know the cost of the STB 1
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
I think you are correct and I did a lot of research and asked as many people in the industry as possible for advice on this. I could have made the unit cheaper, using cheaper components, no pcb's etc. But ive tried to make a test box that is small, robust and easy to use. I made the prototype on the [Banned Word] table, took it to Seaeye. They liked the concept, then i got Blueprint Design to re-design it. All this costs a lot of money to finance. But this has been an idea for the last 5 years or so, I really want to get it out there and hopefully make our lives a little easier.
Pricewise Ive tried to keep it to around the price of a thruster, its slightly over, but companies are used to ordering items around that price.
The bigger companies benefit mostly due to the fact that they had large vessels and large day-rates. If by using the box it shaves off some downtime, then it will pay for itself within the first few times its used.
It will also take the guessing out of the fault finding process and give you a high degree of confidence that you have identified the fault.
The smaller companies will see this as an added expense and in these difficult times, I expect that at first, for them, it will be a "nice to have" .
Only time will tell i suppose.

Thanks for your comments.

Small Video Added on Youtube

More to follow.


Digital Inspection Services.

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