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I am moving to Washington State. I was hoping people could let me know the names of the companies that have ROV's in Washington and which may be hiring.

Thanks in advance, Slick

Here's an entry level position

$24,000 on completion of training!
Even so..The OP asked for people that were in Washington State with an ROV system and hiring. Probably not too many companies that fit those specific requirements. It's a job and it's probably pretty good experience. An org like that would never pay offshore rates as their money doesn't gush out of the seabed.

Chief... that was a neat response you did there. Thumb Up

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Thank you, and your correct, there aren't very many ROV companies in Washington State...


It is an entry level position, i.e. no experience needed. And while the initial payment may be low, it has the potential to grow much higher. I think their may have been a misunderstanding, but the pay starts upon being hired, not when training is finished.

Thanks, I did go ahead and send them my Resume'. I cant believe so few ROV companies in WA. I guess I will also start looking for companies willing to pay travel to and from. My current position does not pay travel and when I move it will become un-affordable
If it's an ROV company and it doesn't pay travel I can see why you don't want to work for them.

If it's an ROV company that doesn't pay travel why the HELL were you working for them?

I could be wrong but let me guess "It's the American way"?
The only ROV's I know of in Washington are on research vessels. NOAA and maybe some of the university boats.
Being research, they won't be paying very much but it could be interesting work vs a boring rig support job.
Also, I heard NOAA ships will be moving from lake union down to Oregon.
There is a small company operating primarily in Puget Sound, perhaps located in Tacoma (sorry no more details). Furthermore many items commonly used in the off-shore oil/gas industry are manufactured in the Sea-Tac area, these companies may have some leads for you. Finally I suggest contacting Divers Institute of Technology (DIT) in Ballard (Seattle) they should know.

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@Spacer - You're right, NOAA announced late last year that will be moving its entire Pacific operations center, currently on Lake Washington, to Oregon. As far as I know, the only ROV that operates with University of Washington (on their research ship TG Thompson) is Jason which is operated by the WHOI team.
If your looking for work in Washington State you might like to try :-

SeaCon Offshore
Bellingham, WA
phone: 970.531.5883
fax: 866.227.7065

They were looking for people a month or so back !

Good Luck

We have brought a couple of people in to our organization to handle some of our ROV work recently. I know of the company that Chief is talking about (they were the ones who posted on Craig's List), but I think they don't really take ROV stuff too seriously. The ROV aspect of their business is a sideline operation for them.

Seattle Diving Company (that's where I'm at) is aggressively growing the ROV division. We're bidding on everything we can get our hands on and even winning a few contracts here and there. We feel that ROVs have a good future in the West Coast and plan to land work. For it to work, though, everyone needs to make a little money: The pilots, the techs, the customer (benefiting from our service), and the company.

If anyone in the Puget Sound area wants to work with us on a contract basis until we can keep you on full time, write to me or give me a call.

Daniel Dolson

Seattle Diving Company

Office +1 206 298 DIVE
USA Mobile +1 206 854 4057
Brazil Mobile +55 21 8290 8600

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