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Did you sign the Ban on whale hunting petition at ( ) ?
 75%  [ 12 ]
 25%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 16

This came to me via
I'm not suggesting people sign the petition, but have a read and should you feel moved enough to do so you might just save a whale, or a few!

Dear friends,

The international vote that could legalize commercial whale hunting is hours away. 900,000 of us have signed the petition, and an Avaaz team is on the ground -- let's super-charge this campaign by hitting 1 million signatures!


In one week, the International Whaling Commission will hold its final vote on a proposal to legalize commercial whale hunting for the first time in a generation.

The outcome rests on whose voices are heard most clearly in the final hours: the pro-whaling lobby -- or the world's people?

More than 900,000 of us have signed the petition to protect whales -- let's get to 1 million!! At the whale summit in Morocco, an Avaaz team is setting up billboards, front-page newspaper ads, and a giant, constantly-updating petition counter -- all to ensure that delegates, from the moment they step off the plane until they cast their votes, will see from our explosive numbers that the world will not accept legal whale slaughter. Click to sign, and forward this email to everyone:

Thanks to the worldwide outcry, many governments have already pledged to oppose the proposal. Each time the Avaaz whale petition added 100,000 signatures, it was sent again to the IWC and key governments -- some of them thanked us, and Australia's environment minister is set to accept the petition personally in the midst of the tense talks.

But pressure from the other side has been relentless -- a newspaper investigation has triggered revelations about Japan effectively bribing small nations with aid. Other governments, especially in Europe and Latin America, could abstain... or even support the proposal. The vote could go either way.

Citizen pressure is our best hope -- and it's working. The whaling lobby expected to win easily, but thanks to actions like ours, champions of the ban are standing strong. It was an explosive worldwide social movement in the 1980s that led to the commercial whaling ban we're now protecting. Now civil society access to the talks is being limited, so this powerful petition campaign is a vital channel of worldwide pressure in the final 72 hours of negotiations.

Let's deliver 1 million signatures inside the talks before it's too late! -- sign now and spread the word:

After the global ban was first implemented on commercial whaling, the number of whales killed each year plummeted from 38,000 per year to just a couple of thousand. It's a testament to the power of humanity to move forward. As we move to confront the other crises of the modern age, let's cherish this legacy of progress -- by joining together now to protect our majestic and intelligent neighbors on this fragile planet.

With hope,

Ben, Ben M, Maria Paz, Ricken, Benjamin, David, Graziela, Luis, and the whole Avaaz team

P.S.: Despite the ban, Japan, Norway, and Iceland have continued whaling -- and are now pushing to make the IWC proposal as lenient as possible. Expecting permission to catch more whales than ever, Japan is reportedly planning to buy its largest whaling ship yet. Click here to sign the petition against commercial whaling!


IWC Voting on Whale Hunting Moratorium Next Week‎

"IWC whaling proposal 'offensive'", New Zealand Herald

"Flights, girls and cash buy Japan whaling votes" - a new exposé by the Times of London

The other side: IWC Chairman defends whaling proposal

"Nations Push To Develop New Whale-based Products" - anticipating the end of the whaling ban, whaling nations planning whale-based products including golf balls and detergent

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Never Tried it really Whale buts its on the Menu on plenty off the Offshore Vessels.

Japan should be put under pressure.
Most definately signed Evil or Very Mad
I was on the kettle!
ill sign anything that has to do with saving Wales......oops I mean Whales.
I don't get coffee unless I can have a smoke on the way back!
Whales v Wales?

Just to clarify, this is about saving the big mammal fishy looking creature that roams our planets oceans as opposed to saving the small land mass tacked onto the west side of England Wink

'as opposed to' v 'opposed to'.

I'm not opposed to saving Wales but am somewhat opposed to whale hunting Smile
James Mc
Site Admin

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"ah whales, huge majestic creatures.
not welsh people - short, hairy, unphotogenic"

'drop the dead donkey' - early 90's.
Bag's Very Happy Very Happy


Be good
What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals
Worth a punt for the day or it has to run....

1 million goal reached on June 22! Now let's get to 1,500,000

As of 17:21hrs Lisbon/UK time: 1,025,694 have signed.
I'm a bit surprised all on here want whales saved. Aren't they doing an AUV's job for free? Bloody scabs. Razz
Yeah... but why open them up to get the data? Best way forward is just ask.. I'm sure they'd prefer to tell what they have seen, as living AUV's, than the less savoury option of being tinned.. or whatever they do with them.
James Mc
Site Admin

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Nations fail to reach commercial whaling agreement

Nations discussing a plan to allow the first legal commercial whaling in almost 25 years, in an attempt to curb the number of whales hunted by a handful of countries, have failed to reach agreement.

The attempt by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) to break an impasse between pro and anti-whaling countries was being discussed behind closed doors in Morocco this week.

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