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James, have your site hits exploded since the GOM incident introduced ROV's to a wider audience.

I noticed that in the couple of minutes it took to read one article the site view counter went up by about 300. Good going pal.
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Thanks for the feedback.. Yep! I'm pleased to report that there has been a surge in visitors/page views.

What's it down to?

There are a couple of factors I guess....

One is of course the GOM incident.
ROVworld does show up in search engines quite highly when searching on ROV, sub-sea related terms so any Joe public searching GOM, BP, ROV, etc. might see us pop up a lot in results. Ron has been adding news as and when it pops up and the long running Forum thread on the disaster contains a lot of keywords too.

The other may be attributed to the fact that a few months back we shifted all our files to the root URL whereas for many years prior to that we ran the site under which isn't overly friendly for users and search engines alike.

We are now using short SEF (Search Engine Friendly file names) and a few other SEO enhancements so that might be helping too.
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