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Hi all seniors,

First & foremost, I'm from Malaysia and pretty soon I will be working on board on a vessel as a Trainee Data Recorder. My soon to be employer is an Australia company which is engaged in many subsea project around Asia Pac as well as Australia. I'm unsure whether I will be working at offshore Australia or Asia pac particularly Malaysia as it will be announced during the second interview which will be held sometime in April. I be supposed to team up with the ROV personnel in conducting inspection. From the discussion I had with the company personnel during the 1st interview, I'm entitle to basic salary as well as offshore allowance per day. Further details will be discussed later in the 2nd iv.

So, my questions here:

-What is the job scope for this position?really hard to google about this in the website?
-What can I expect for the basic salary & allowances?
-what is the best and worst thing about this job?

your kind advise is really appreciate. thanks a lot!
Well, first of all, a data recorder has the responsibilities of adding information, pictures and vdo into a system. Usually a specific computer program. Typical software is Visual Soft or Coabis.

Typically a data recorder sits together with the ROV pilots or the dive supervisors and talks directly to the divers or the ROV pilots. You will also most certainly have to do some audio commentary when the divers or the ROV do an inspection

As a trainee I would guess you will sit together with an experienced data recorder and slowly try to comment and add data together with him until the senior thinks you are ready. If you dont have any CSWIP certificates, you will have to be proficient with the terminology used on subsea structures.

Try to be nice to the ROV pilots and the divers. Dont push them to do something if they say no. If the ROV pilot tell you that they have too much tether out..... Listen to them! Dont push them

As for salary for Asian employees I have absolutely no idea. I cannot help you there.


I can't believe this. They're adding another member to a team of ROV guys just to record the data? Another bum on a seat in an already cramped control van? Never mind that the company man, company man trainee, survey dude, WOCS supervisor and maybe even the vessel captain may be in the control van all at the same time invading the captive ROV crews space.

On a 3 man work class team we manage to record all the data as well as do commentry on the DVD and then edit and cut the DVD for the client. All this in conjunction with getting the job done, flying and navigating the ROV.

Agree, a waste of bed space.

Agree, IF the ROV crew bother to do it themselves, thats sweet. I had a couple of trips for SS7 as a Inspection Controller.... There was no way the ROV dudes bother to do any commentary and data recording. They only wanted to fly the ROV. I had to do the commentary and the data recording.

I also see some jobs that its required by the client that there should be certified CSWIP data recorder or inspection controllers.

So yea.... I'll gladly do the commentary and data recording while I'm piloting the ROV.

Ordinarily ROV do all recordings, commentary and processing of inspections.

If there is a requirement for "proper" inspection personnel then they do it.

What did you expect to do on your trip? Sit in the rec room with your feet up?!!

So your happy to do piloting, data recording and commentary eh? Do you do one of those plate spinning acts on stage as a sideline?

Keep on the way you're going and we'll not only be taken over by cheap labour but operating as one man teams as well! Mad
Shy bairns get nowt
Not sure whether this fact is correct, I think Data Recorder will only record the data as well as give instructions to ROV pilot or Diver, not he himself piloting the ROV. Too many facts about this job sometime make me confused.

Everyone seems offended about 'Trainee'. weird Question
My comments were not directed at you '85, rather the previous correspondent.

As a Data dog you will NOT be required to pilot the ROV. That is a job for ROV personnel.

For the record I do not have a problem with any trainees, however I hope that you are being paid the appropriate rate for the area in which you are stationed.

Best regards.................
Shy bairns get nowt
From some of the comments here I'm beggining to wonder what the level of experience might be. Of course the pilot doesn't do the data recording - he's a bit busy doing the flying and thats what he concentrates on. Data recording is mainly done at the work site by the co-pilot or navigator, who, naturally, once at the work site, doesn't need to navigate much. During a sea bed survey ROVNAV and a DVD recorder is used letting the navigator navigate and pass verbal instructions to the pilot. In all cases the DVD recorder is running constantly as well. Remember that the supervisor is also available.

Highlights of the job can be recorded on the client highlight DVD recorder with commentary by the co-pilot or supervisor or the time can be noted and the highlights edited from the DVD recorder and commentary added if things become too hectic or a client DVD is not available.

To record a position on the seabed the ROV can be positioned against an object or on the seabed and the survey dude can record his readings from the ROVNAV transponders.

Flying a pipeline or anchor chain survey the navigator has no other job than recording and commentary. Oh, and waking the pilot up when he dozes off.

Remember that I am writing about a three man work class crew here.
To answer your original question.

''What is a trainee data recorder''

It's the same as a 'Data Recorder' but earns less money.. Very Happy

Data recorder job is basically to record data gathered from ROV or Divers operation. Some jobs, data recorders are needed and some are not. This is actually depends on client's request.

In malaysia, your total basic salary and offshore allowance should be about the same as a junior ROV pilot technician. Certain company would try to keep your salary to the minimum as for them you are a trainee. Nevertheless, you will have the chance to make a lot more once u become a freelancer. It will be even better if u go for Cswip 3.3U and 3.4U Underwater inspector course.

For a data recorder, your headache will be the technical reporting. You will not be repairing the ROV when it is on a downtime. But generally, ROV tech is quite relax if the ROV is reliable and does not have much problem.

This is actually a good career line. Are u a malaysian? May I know which company are u working rite now? I am actually an ROV tech looking for a chance in data recording. Please contact me at

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