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Hi all,

Unfortunately our original posts are now locked so I can't reply or edit (Mods is there something you can do?!)

We've had an ENORMOUS response for both of the adverts posted last week - thank you! As a result of this Gary is currently wading through all of the details you have sent through - Lee-Ann has actually gone on holiday until 1st March!

Please bear with us - we will get round to your emails and CVs we promise. You will NOT miss out on work as most of it is due to kick off in March.

If your availability changes in any way before someone has managed to reply please email me and I will make sure that the team gets the details.

Thanks again for your patience Very Happy
Just so you know it is policy here to lock any job adverts on here once they are posted because in the past the threads have sometimes turned into discussions (or arguments!) and usually the job poster wishes people to contact them direct rather than ask questions about the job on the open forum.

Generally if you post and ad requesting people write, phone or PM, then the thread will be locked.

If you wish people to be able to reply or ask questions on a particular job ad just mention it on the post and it will be left open.

cheers, Ray
Cheers Ray.

To all at Maris Subsea,

Good luck with the bidding wars! Looks like things are starting to pick up....
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
Aye Ray it does that - just a warning to all though that it's looking like Q2 is going to be the kick-off for most.

Keep your certs up to date as things could move quickly Smile

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