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Check this video out Smile -- UK Police + Riot Shields + Snow

A passer-by filmed the officer being pushed off the top of the slope by laughing colleagues and posted it on website YouTube.

Three officers are seen laughing as the policeman goes over the edge and slides 100 yards into a ditch.

In the video the policeman is filmed sitting at the edge of the slope in a park, trying to launch himself off before two colleagues walk over and give him a push.

Their police riot van is seen parked just a few hundred feet away.

Onlooker "rickyboyoxford" put the clip on YouTube which was filmed in Berkeley Road, Boars Hill, Oxford, on Tuesday afternoon.

The officers responsible for the prank have been warned about how they use police equipment following the bizarre stunt, Oxford area commander Superintendent Andy Murray said.

The police officers stopped to talk to people about playing in the snow before pulling out the riot shield and sliding down.

Superintendent Murray said: "The snow has a habit of bringing out the child in all of us."

The member of the public who filmed the video said he could not believe what the police were doing.

"When they first arrived I thought they were going to give us a hard time," he said.

"They were only there a few minutes. They had a couple of runs, were chatty and then went on their way."


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