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Hi Guys,

I got my re-fresher for BOSEIT done this year, now i need an OLF, do i have to take the whole 5 days or just the 2 days course. I called up MSTS, they told me they used to do upgrades but now i need to do the whole 5 days.
Pls advice

try with FOSC, where I made the OLF upgrade in July 2009.
They call it FOET (Further Offshore Emergency Training) and it's a 2 days course, whereas COET (Combined Offshore Emergency Training) is the 5 days course giving you BOSIET + OLF.

Here are the contacts:
Stephanie (Offshore Administrator):

I hope it works for you too,
I had the same problem about 10 years ago and had to do the FOET as well I did this at Nutec in Middlesborough. Although if you use Fleetwood Nautical college you will save some money as the course they run is VAT free.
Things have just changed last week. Basically Norway is withdrawing the license for all of the centre's outside of norway. This means that now it has to be done in norway. But fleetwood run a 4 hour upgrade that is fine and dandy to use in norway, as long as you are not on a regular rotation. This only came into force last week. I know this as my girlfriend was told she would have to do the full 5 day affair, then on the friday before, the head of training at fleetwood phoned up and informed her of the changes.
It is all a bit fresh at the moment, so i reckon you will get different tales from the different centre's, but give fleetwood an email for confirmation.
She went last week, just for 4 hours on the thursday morning. Costs £118.
Cost for the 4 hour euro upgrade is £110, not £118
I`m hearing different stuff too.... as I`ve got a FOET...... and it has OLF modules in it but not OLF approve but said to be accepted.

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