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Apply by mail normally

They require a LOI and pre approval from the Ministry of Oil (Minipet Letter) , a letter from your employer stating why you are needed in Angola (different from the LOI) along with the application form which can be download on the embassy website.

Payment is £40 for an STV.

or you can use a visa agent based in London but this would add to the overall cost.

I used CIBT and the total cost was £165 which includes insurances for loss of passport etc.

Last I was told there is a mininium of 20 working days to process the visa but saying that mine was submitted on the 29th of Sept and is still be processed according to the Angolans.

Needless to say that I missed my crew change and had to go elsewhere.

Note though the process keeps changing as the Angolans have been messing about with the Visa rules for the last 6 months or so.

Basically they want everyone to have a LTV (annual visa) as they make more money.
James wrote:

It's a bit ironic that work permits/visa are required for foreigners to work offshore in Africa but any foreigner can enter the UK, on a tourist visa, and work offshore with no requirement for a work visa/permit!!

I beg to differ. My multiple entry 6 months validity UK visitors (Tourist) visa specifically states that I am not allowed to work and I am not entitled to any benefits. Should I break these rules I will not be permitted to enter the UK for at least 10 years, possibly permanently.
You may differ of course, but how about I back up what I wrote with further information?

Your multiple entry tourist visa work restriction refers to the whole of the UK who's National jurisdiction covers the UK mainland and extends to 12 miles offshore.

Once outside the 12 mile zone you are technically in international waters and therefore, under current UK legislation, do not require a work permit when working offshore in the North sea oil and gas industry. Because you are out-with the UK your tourist visa no longer applies and you can work your socks off.

Conversely any foreigner without a work permit. on shift on (say) a vessel working inside the 12 mile zone or alongside, is breaking UK immigration law. They could be arrested and suffer the penalties you suggest. The employing company (ROV operator/agency) could also be prosecuted. The employer might view it as an unnecessary expense and pay the fine. The job goes on. The foreigner on the other hand suffers far heavier long term consequences.

A foreigner intending to work offshore can state that fact on entry into the country. Immigration will allow them in on a tourist visa but will not give them permission to work offshore as there is no requirement to do so. They might remind the foreigner that, on a tourist visa, they are not allowed to work in the UK. That's it.
James Mc
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FYI: Americans are also banned from working off-shore in Iran.
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