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I have been checking the safe working pressures on intensifiers recently and was horrified to find that the fittings on the particular intensifier i was checking were only rated to 8000 psi.
I am staggered that this has not came up before now because 9 out of 10 times we are generating 10,000 psi with them.
It turns out 1/4"NPT Swagelok is only rated to 8000 psi and 1/4" Bsp - Swagelok is the same.
Does anyone know of any other Intensifiers out there that are correctly rated?
yes i have used minibooster before , but i looking for a complete panel to use with a cutter, i am currently working on a Northfield panel but they use another version of minibooster which is a cheaper copy and the fittings arent rated to 10k
So if there are any other Intensifier panels i could use that would be great.
Why not order or buy the proper / rated fittings then?
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
are you sure they're not rated accordingly. Sometimes a company can get a component rated for use after testing, etc. It might be the standard fitting is 8kpsi, but they may have had the whole system rated for 10kpsi (depends on the safety factor used).
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