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Any one have any info on SubservPro's job on the vessel Atwood Hunter mobbing end of Feb. 4wks duration ,drill support a semi in the Med?
Yes, its on the Atwood Hunter operating MRV5. Its two 4 man cabins with a shared shower/toilet, foods so so, entertainment is non existant. Rig is American with mainly Egyptian rig crew.

They are in Mauritania just now, moving to Lybia for a month or so then back to Mauritania. Its drill support, standard spudding in, BOP down, bubble watch.

If you're not very good at MRVs or electronics, or if you are looking for a cushy drill support job - run away! Its hard work to maintain. What else would you like to know?
Very Happy
Thanks Ray......was just a little leary this was the job where ships/rigs exhaust was gasing the lads.

Have done a few tours on Deep Pioneer and Deep Blue ans as you say MRV's ...mostly thrusters/seals....seam to be labour intensive...dont really mind if thee are two subs.

Hows the spares situation and are the lads steady Fugro crowd?
To answer some of your q's

You are correct about the exhaust fumes, bad positioning for the LARS.

I think there must only be about 4-6 regulars although I'm sure Ray will expand, the last time i was down they were well into treble figures of guys through the system for one trip.

There is only one sub.
Spares are fine (it has so many the big difficulty is finding anything!), mainly Fugro Rovtech guys with occasional dayraters. Struggling to keep a regular back to back Supervisor with the one regular thats been there 18 months (various reasons).

Fans have been added to try and reduce the fumes, the only solution is to move the exhausts - megabucks and I cant see that happening.

MRV5 has the isolate pot housing mod which improves reliability vastly compared to before. It has been suffering quite a few problems recently, took 3 weeks to fix a thruster fault (after changing just about everything twice)

Luckily it files with 3 wheels on its wagon Smile
Thanks all for the heads up.

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