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Hi i bought this ROV for 30$ on a fleemarket, can anybody tell me anything about it?


I dont have the remotepart but i think i can build one, allso the sideways thrustor/rodder is gone..

Please help me identify it, or if anybody know anything about it? Im in need of a remote to if somebody have one somewere
Yeah, you can buy them brand new for 15$ from argos. Twisted Evil

No idea, I've had a good trawl around for bluey and plastic rov. Looks like you might get a digital camera in there though, so you can do some spud can surveys with it. Make a fortuuuuuune.......... Laughing

Sorry, down on weather at the moment, it brings it out in me!!

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Taking a look at it though, it's got a pretty solid looking umbilical termination on it, but the propellors look tres tres weak- narrow cross section on the blades. It might be a blessing if you have to replace the thrusters on it.

Can you please send me an image of the umbilical top side connector and also the electronics within - you'll maybe either need to control from the top of the umbilical with some voltages, or perhaps there are transformers and crude PIC microprocessor within the sub crate? How long an umbilical did you get with it?

Cover all the seals in scotch-cast, kote/amalgamating tape, that thing might go down 100-300ft if the thrusters dont leak on you first.
I do believe what you have there is an air pump for blowing up Bouncy castles they can also be adapted to blow bubbles out on sound stages
( hence the fairy liquid holder at the back )
I think you can get them for about $40:00 brand new from Argos.
Popular with the kids I've been told !

What you have there is a Titan Bluey, a small eyeball built by an australian company about 10-12 years ago. If memory serves, they were sold in the UK through an agency, mainly to universities/colleges and to yacht inspection companies.

Think they would have liked to get into the oil industry, but realised they were probably pushing their luck trying to convince anyone that the bluey could be used in the open sea.

Think the original company went under, but did manage to find company listed for the (later) titan III ROVs - check out this link.

couldn't find a website for the company though.

And ignore Lostboy and savante. it's just ROV envy.
I was in the pub.
It looks like one of the first Titan ROVs.
Titan ROV is made by Deep Scenes Ltd. from Australia.

he's right, i just got a battery powered one for my bathtub....Laughing

just had a look at the websites though - 50m depth rating, but costs about 2k. We weren't that far off.

Has anyone seen the Fisher Otter that's for sale on ebay at the moment - they want about 2.8k bucks for it. What can you do with that? Are they a serious offshore ROV or are they another "boat inspection" hobby toy?\

My gut feeling says the latter, but lostboy keeps telling me not to assume anything!!! Twisted Evil
Hmmmmmmmmmm Confused
Oh go on, smile!! Laughing
Quote this link should get you to a company that I think was the orginal manufacture, it is base in western Australia
At any retail store near you Very Happy
This is made by Deep Scenes Limited formally called Titan Cove in Perth Australia - if you require parts let me see if we can help you.

Dyson do a few spares that may be compatable ? Wink
I was on the kettle!

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