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There seems to be a lot of bi*ching here about just about every company going.

Given the choice which company would you work for?
c'mon guys, why is it always so negative on here.

Who WOULD you prefer to work for?

And not just for the amount of cash. It's all very well getting loads of money but if they treat you like sh*t is it worth it?
Geoconsult Norway: Good vehicles, good vessels, good personel, good rates, and good training.

I hear where you are comoing from about Loyang companies and vehicles.
Doing the freelance thing the last 4 years seemed to produce the least amount of dramatics , best day rate, lads were good crack, equipment was OK always got my 180 days in.
I hear some lads struggle working agencies and beginning to think its how you perform and get a long with everyone.

Just statrted working for Saipem America and just isn't the experience and proffesionalism not to mention some of the guys need to grow up.

Bottom line is you UK lads have it over the Yanks any way you cut it and being a Canuck with an unbasis attitude I do not see the team work down here...which can mean for a lot.Days end.....its what you are willing to put up with.
I'm touched rovbionic Very Happy

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