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How are they as an agency, do they pay on time, do they take care of there clients.
STR agency, Has anyone experience of them, initially applied for job through Totaljobs and they passed everything through to STR Group. Everything looks tickety boo on the web site.
I think the lack of replies is because they are possibly not what I would call a mainstream offshore agency as far as ROV goes.

That's not to say that they may be a problem. If all looks good, you have a dialogue with them by email/phone, the rate is as it should be, plus there is no negative feedback from here, then give them a try.

Later, you could hunt out this post and report any findings based on your experience. This would be of benefit to other members around here.
James Mc
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Yes everything does seem ok and above board, I am going to take the plunge and will report back on the forum, my experiences.

Hi, Its rather interesting that the job was advertised first with a day rate of £300-£400+, and now its advertised as £150-£350, lets not get desperate now lads 'n' ladies.

These rates are fine for a pilot/tech, but what sup is going to work for that!

lets try and stick together.....join a Unyion.
If they multiply that rate x 4, sure, I'll go! Dow, I don't care how broke you are (from the UAE by any chance?) PLEASE say NO to this piracy!


Shall we try and get some people with brass cajones going on the Yuni0n again? BTW - I don't live in the UK but I'm willing to put my own time in to get it going. See thread for Uni0n. Tried to do something last year... but... very little interest from our fellow "work mates". Sad.
I got your economic downturn right here!!!

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