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Can anyone provide information about Mermaid Maritime? What kind of ROV work do they do, Where do they operate, Are they a good company to work for, wages, etc...
Deep down I really thank you. But I was hoping for some first hand info.
Hi Spacer,

I've never worked for Mermaid myself, I know a couple of guys who do. Never heard anything bad about them...which is a positive, and Mermaid as a company have been around a while.

Work wise they supply ROV and Inspection people mainly, I think they supply Reps too, although not 100% sure.

Info from the Rates page show they rates aren't too bad either, check out the link...ROV Rates Last Updated on 12th Dec 2006.

Hope this helps
Gina McLauchlan
Webmistress & Forum Admin
I have worked many time in the past for Mermaid and there pay rate is about the same as any other company and they pay on time .

The other problem that I have found with them if your working in Thailannd they will put you to work under a 30 day Tourist visa they want nothing to do with getting the corrent work visa .

This may not be a problem for you if you dont live in thailand but if you do live there and get caught working there without the correct paper work I dont think they will want to know if you get kicked out .



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