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Hi Lads

Just about to sit my ROV Course at Challenger TAFE Fremantle Perth WA. Anyone on this forum heard of this course and if so what has the feedback been like ?

I have a strong background in Hydraulics and NDT but my electronic background not as strong as these area's and from reading from the posts on the forum and from what I have heard one of the most important aspects of ROV's.

Any pointers so I can hit the ground running in my course in the electronic area would be great, totally aware that in the three weeks I have leading up to my course that what ever I learn will be minimal but any help would be great.

Sorry for long first post hopefully one of many posts Very Happy not long ones though.
i notice you are online .... did you try and read some previous posts before asking this question. common sense thats the most needed attribute.
Hydraulics is important ... helps to know which direction for turning the tap for making the tea...

depends smaller vehicles are generally electric although they are trying to stick horrible oily bits on them all the time. workclass is 50/50. it does help understanding both sides ... nothing worse than somebody saying i only do hyd/ele .... ballocks its all part the same machine .

its early in the morning whats NDT...

not really fair for you but i have had some horrible times with people who have done the course , saying that i have met people that have done it that would have got a job without it........ so i am biased against the course (like 90% of sane people!)

Cheers for that

Yes I did read other posts Smile dont worry just wanted to introduce myself to the forum as well. Do have little bit of common sense Smile

NDT Non Destructive Testing Ie Radiography, Ultra Sonic Thickness Testing, Dye Pen testing.

Yes from what I have seen these courses arent to well looked upon in the forum so far hopefully wont hurt doing it anyway.

But of course get two different perspectives, from the guy running the course and from what I ahve read here hopefully somewhere in the middle will be the results.

Thanks for you time posting.
Here is a useful start for the electronics fundamentals

Most guys i have met that have done the Challenger Tafe course have said it was usefull even if only for getting contacts in the job.

Submec ( Belmont) Geosubsea( Osbourne park), Caldive( Osbourne park) , Fugro(Balcatta) and Subsea 7 and Technip (st georges terrace) have a look in the phone book or better still take a walk up with a one sheet CV and keep pestering every few days after.
Thanks a lot for information will check it out right now, work is quiet so nothing better to do.

Thanks also regarding TAFE course quite a bit of money if it dont help but like you said talking to the TAFE guy a lot of industry reps do pop down so if they see I am half as compentent as I make it might be allright.
thought it was testing wasnt sure... honest!

regarding the TAFE guy ... well hes about t take an extreme wedge out of your pocket , think about would a used sales car man tell you the brakes need fixed the engine will need replaced ,,, of course not.

the same with these guys .... a lot of industry reps pop down fuckin kidding right , believe me thats ballocks

and of course you get 2 prospectives

1 from the guy whose taking your money

2 from a guy who works in the industry

best of luck anyway oh and merry christmas
Thanks mate, good to get a honest answer.

Have a great Christmas and New Year as well.
Hi i just finished the course in Nov got a job with Technip. the lecturer is very good been in the industry for 25 years. when i went to the course i had no idea about rov's i think it was worth the money because had i not done it i wouldn't of got a job. and yes you do go see a few reps and everyone has gotten a job so far so youll be right.
Cheers Colby

That is great information busy studying at moment for the course on my holidays least was nice to hear some positive feedback.

Thanks a lot have great New Years.

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