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Anyone there, especially Norwegians, have heard of Marine Dive International based in Oslo? Wonder how they are to work for. Got an offer to work with them thru an agency but can't seems to get any results when i googled it.
Not the same ones mentioned here with a vessel called Merlin and a Triton XL16 onboard?

Hunting further I find Caldive owned the Merlin and TXL16.

As you said, not a lot on Google about them? Never a good sign Very Happy

Ps search google using "Marine Dive International" to make Google look for the whole phrase.

---> That site definitely tells something, especially the agency mentioned at the bottom.

I surely agree with you it's not a good sign. These guys must have been thinking we're on superstar rates or something. Cheers Ray!

Does this agency really exist?

Best Recruitment Agency
Anglian House
Ambury Road
Huntingdon UK PE29 3NZ
Telephone: +44-7024024884
Fax : +44-8712645979
Nothing in the Norwegian company register or yellow pages...
people beware of xl6 they claim to have a recruitment agenct called bestrecruitment.. dont send cv to i never but i looked on there site its false!
i googled there address.. its an address of a water comapny in huddington DONT SEnd them your details!

kind of gives it away, .tl? not a
a search of companies house for best recruitment ALEGEDLY reveals five companies, two of which are dissolved ALLEGEDLY, one about to be ALLEGEDLY struck off. The fourth/fifth ones seems normal..... ALLEGEDLY

None however are ALLEGEDY registered to the ALLEGED address shown on this site and therefore may be completely unrelated ALLEGEDLY.

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well anyway just thought i would help and try to stop people getting scammed! Very Happy

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