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There have been a number of occasions where people have posted inane comments within a topic which, up to that point, was progressing in a sensible manner.

On other occasions threads have been hijacked by people that appear to have nothing better to do than disrupt otherwise sensible discussions.

This disruptive behaviour is of no benefit to forum members nor the website as a whole.

As admins we have a duty to our members to ensure that a minority do not spoil the forum experience for the majority.

Forum admins will delete the accounts of persistent offenders. Anyone diving right in from the beginning, with an apparent mission to be nothing other than disruptive or childish, will have their account deleted immediately.

Should any members feel offended, or pissed off, by any other member please PM admin and let us know. We will look into the problem and act accordingly.

There are Forum rules posted in a few places. Please abide by them. If you feel that you do not wish to do so then you are free to leave and join another ROV discussion forum.

best regards
James Mc
James Mc
Site Admin

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