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This is just an inquiry whether anyone has just been mobilized or demobilized from a Technip job in India, either on the Rockwater 2 or the Constructor.
I've heard a few rumors saying:-
* that once you land at the desired airport, it can take up to 2 days travel to get to the sea-port/Heli-port.
* the roads are less than desirable
* and the hotels you stay in, are even less desirable

Could anyone please shed some light on these points for me, and if there is any more issues I should know about please add them.


Well never worked on the constructor when I was there but I was there in February and they used the express 14 crew boat for crew changes.
Not as bad an experience going out as we had a nice hotel and the boat was alongside.
Although one of the taxis did clip a lorry and you have a LONG wait at immigration.
Yes the taxis drivers are a joy to behold!!traffic coming the other way doesn't make a difference plus cows, tuk tuks going the wrong way up a dual carraigeway makes it an interesting (white knuckle)ride.
Coming home- work a whole shift after the crew boat fails to show and get off at 20:00 for a 7 hours merrygo round to various boats.
Then a trip to immigration to srop your passport off, a whole hour in a fawlty towers hotel and off to pick up your passport which is late.
This means the taxi from kakinada to visag is even more scary!!
Fly to chennai and a 6 hour hotel wait and finally a 10 hour fly to Gatwick!!
Then another connecting flight home.
Make sure you get flights sorted if going!!
The company flew is emirates after that with a day off before joining the boat as they struggled to get guys back!!!
Cheers for the reply, at least it doesn't sound too much like the rumors. Hows the Rocky going? The last time I was on her was 13 years ago.
Never saw a bit of the rocky as I was on the much nicer and newer boat!!!
The hotel in Kakinada was ok I suppose for the whole hour I was in bed but it was under major renovation.....complete with scaffolding made from the branches off trees.
I kid you not!!
The Ramada in Chennai however was nice, much more acceptable.
I wouldn't fly luftansa again, fookin cattle market!!! unless it was business class of course. Very Happy
But you couldn't fault emirates; Glasgow- dubai then chennai.
Much better!!!
The company still haven't made up their mind on which vessel I'm going on, but that is the two choices. Apparently the Constructor, just refurb'd. So that would be my choice.

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