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We are having problems maintaining video on screen. The image comes in clearly for a few minutes then the screen goes fuzzy including the video overlay. But when we turn off the power to ROV then video overlay gets clear. Does anyone have any suggs. we have tried switching out all boards in junction box and same problem. we also shortened tether by 100 ft due to damage but it should make that big of a diff.
Could be two separate problems (not unusual with seaeyes)
fuzzy video - check out the video driver settings (or shielding following a reterm)- maybe ignore the settings in the manuals and go for trial and error.
losing overlay - if the vehicle is working full pelt, the video overlay is usually the first thing to brown out - check out your power supply and or make sure you are "easy-easy" on the controls.
One more thing to look for - when you are flying, if the ammeter is fluctuating then it is possibly a sign of a future problem in the Vpsu (showstopper).
Good luck,hope this helps, pm me if you need any other pointers. Wink Wink
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did you resolve your problem here?? what kind of camera is it you're using??
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We figured out it was the tether, there was a weak point in the insulation on a couple of wires that would short only when passing voltage with megger. We ended up having to cut 300ft off to find where the short was cause TDR couldnt find it, luckly we still have enough tether to work with. Thanks

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