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Be aware !!!

I had been in contact with this bunch and they promised the earth offering god rates etc, however don’t be fooled they are not to be trusted, just beware of this agency

Thanks for the warning!

I've never heard of this agency.
They're not listed on this scam list:
HOLLY ($*£ !

that list is utterly effin horrendous ! It's a mile long ! It's hardly any wonder people are outrightly peeved and nasty with the new agencies when they turn up - I can see why some guys get viscous about this now !
Talk in anger and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret.
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I didna see Dulam on the sheet Shocked
that list is real scary....
But, BUFON Engineering... come on...
what a handy list... we used to have s similar list circulating in the telecomm industry and I have a couple of Thai and Singapore companies that should be on their list ...I will send in the info so they can check them out.

I generally do not reply to posts on the site and feel that I should for this.

I am no longer employed by Flare Project Services, but have been for 9 months since Jan 08 as an ROV Supervisor and have been paid on and ahead of time (2 months running) and without any shortfall or errors.

I have been treated well and have nothing but good words for their services as an employer.

I am no longer with them after receiving a very good offer elsewhere, nor am I connected to them in any way so am not biased. We also parted in good standing with one another.

I have posted this as I feel that whatever happened to the guy who posted the bad words about Flare, there are others (at least 9 that I know of and are in regular contact with) who are very happy with them and have had no problems whatsoever.

Thanks, I hope this squares the posting a bit.


You guys getting your tethers knotted here. There is a difference between Flare Projects and Flare Personnel. Not the same outfit. DUH

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