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I will be having a meeting with the Tax Officer concerned once I get home,he is willing to have a face to face to explain.Basically the only thing that will turn this around is a letter from UKPS [banned word] confirming employee status,and as we have had letters from the UKPS [banned word] stating the opposite it will be a cold day in hell before we get that!So Solicitor is suggesting that decisions have already been made in other cases so the chances of overturning this are slim,so no point in throwing good money after bad,pay up.The money has been in limbo anyway so what you cant use is no use anyway!at least the stress of dealing with this nonsense will be gone.Put it down to a bad experience and get on with collecting this years (benefits of a staff posn).
Did I mention that I dont really like UKPS...the Tax Officer concerned is one that UKPS dealt with directly on this issue in sept/oct last year whilst suggesting that we didnt send any more info in while they tried to sort it out..ever get the impression you have been stitched up?
I may or may not post any more as I am sick to the back teeth of this,and of trying to highlight to other agency people the realities of this,too many simply put there head in the sand and qouted the agency line,"its just a couple of folks and it will blow over and not affect you...." well if your head is in the sand it easier for someone to stick it up your.... Rolling Eyes

there are already riggers and others under investigation...

Did you manage to get this sorted out?? So far it has taken the tax man over 13 months to sort SOME of my issues out.

What about you SAV did your snags get sorted or are you in the same boat everyone else seems to be in. STILL waiting for an answer one way or the other.

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I was on the phone to my accountant yesterday and apparently... Shocked

Last year some clown tried to claim whilst working on a semi sub. This has led to a review by the commisioners to the effect that if you are working inside the 500m limit, on a pipeline or structure connected to an installation you are in effect working on an installation. A meeting with "interested" parties is apparently scheduled for September with the commisioners, a final decision/interpretation of the rules may be forthcoming then.
Obviously if you're out of UK and doing this the days count anyway, the snag is regarding whether the money earnt during this time is tax free or not. As usual the onus will be on the claimant to prove you are eligible. I see lots of copies of DPRs in the future inundating the taxman. Evil or Very Mad


won my case, HMRC status inspectors have classed me as an employee of UKPS for tax purposes (not under Agency regs,just employed). So no more issues there,only the new and improved FED issues we are all talking about.
So for all UKPS "employees" under investigation for 05-06, game over till the next rule change

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