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There is a new petition regarding the recent HMRC rule change. The other petition that was going around did not have anything to do with the recent changes. It was to do with qualifying days only.

Everybody needs to sign this new one, and pass it onto everyone they know that is involved with this industry.
Richard O.J. McMahon, the petition creator added the following petition for us to sign up to:

We, the Undersigned, Petition the Government to reverse the HMRC Decision in relation to Claims submitted under 'Seafarer's Earnings Deduction' Income Tax Concessions. This decision & its retrospective application to SED Claims will have a devastating impact on the British Merchant Navy, the United Kingdom Offshore Industry, Offshore sectors around the world & more importantly the personal lives of the thousands of Families involved. We Seafarer's believe the decision to be fundamentally wrong. We have had a concession that was given to protect our position as Seafarer's of an Island Nation removed, a Concession given so we are there, should we be required again in times of Sovereign need. We have been heavily penalised in times of Global Economic Crisis. We carry your Trade, we facilitate your Communications & Energy Sectors, we support your Industry, we supply your Armed Services & we risk our lives to do so.

Thousands have sacrificed their lives without Official Recognition.

We are considered the most Professional in the World.

We are the British Merchant Navy.
James Mc
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