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I have been offered a job in Italy and the day rate is nett of Italian tax. I have been told that the company are going to pay my Italian tax for me.

I presume this still means I'm liable for tax in the UK as I'll still be living here during my time off, which will be over half the year. Can anyone confirm this?

Also, will I have to pay the full rate of tax or can I in some way deduct the amount of tax that is being paid in Italy from my total tax bill back here in the UK? I hope that makes sense!

Basically, my money won't be tax free when I bring it back to the UK will it?

Thanks for any advice people can give. I'm waiting for the contract before I see a proper accountant, just looking for some friendly advice.

Thanks again!
My mate is working full time in Italy as a contractor for Fiat he lives in UK and has a nil rate tax band = no tax in UK or Italy as he is not in either country for more than 183 days , he is paid by agency to Ltd company and has UK accountants , he has worked like this for 27 Years and has never paid Tax.

Get good advice and You will be able to work Tax free.
Many thanks John.

That has filled me with some hope! I'll certainly pay for an expert to try and help me out with it.


That depends on where are you resident, for sure you are not subject to double taxation and you must/should declare/pay tax in the country of your residence.
I've work many times in Italy and never heard about somebody paying taxes (excepting Italian residents).

Get professional advice.


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