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I have recently been for an interview for a trainee ROV technician and i think it went quite well. problem is i have a medical condition and regardless where i look i cant find anything online to give a list of accepted and unacceptable medical conditions. I suffer from polycycstic kidney disease and it i suffer no problems from it whatsoever and i feel fighting fit for offshore work.

Any help is much needed and will be most appreciated
I know nothing about the condition you mention but feel that the best approach would be to obtain a letter from your doctor/specialist stating that you have the above condition plus have them indicate that it would in no way pose a problem for offshore work. When you go for an offshore medical show it to them an ask them to take it into account and make a note on your file that you have declared openly that you have this condition. What they choose to do from that point on is I guess, patient doctor privilege.
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could be worth a try, thanks for your help
If you want to check it out before you tell the Doctor and maybe hurt your chances of gettting a pass, you may want to invest in the UKOOA Guidelines for Examiners:

Medical Aspects of Fitness for Offshore Work: Guidance for Examining Physicians, Issue No. 6, April 2008

UK$68 for Non-Members.


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