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This is one carried over from the old forum

The course syllabus covers the requirements prescribed in the standards of OPITO(UK), OLF(Norway) and NOGEPA(Holland).

Trainees who successfully complete the course will be able to demonstrate the required minimum standard of competence set out in the Offshore Emergency Response standards.

Course Outline:
Safety induction and preventive safety

Offshore overview - Offshore Hazards - Environmental awareness
Personal Standards - Working routines - Safety organisation
Dealing with Hazards - Personal Protective equipment - Manual handling
Working with Chemicals - Permit to work system - North Sea Legislation

Fire prevention and Fire Fighting
Offshore Fire fighting organisation
Theory of fire - types and sources of ignition - fire hazards - spread of fire
Classification of fire and applicable extinguishing agents - Fire detection and alarm systems
Fixed fire extinguishing systems - Use of portable fire extinguishing equipment
Fire fighting methods - Exercises extinguishing fires, using various types of portable extinguishers and water, using jet/spray nozzles, escaping from a smoke filled environment using Escape sets.

First Aid and Hypothermia
General principles - Assessment of casualties and threats to own safety
The unconscious casualty - resuscitation - Bleeding and wounds
Management of shock - Burns and scalds
Rescue and transport casualties - First aid in an emergency situation
Use of emergency First aid kit
Principles of Hypothermia - First aid to hypothermic casualties

Helicopter Safety and Escape
Helicopter operations - Flight safety - Safety measures - Dangers and Hazards
Helicopter emergencies - Preparation prior to an emergency landing
Escaping from a helicopter - Exercises escaping from a helicopter on land and underwater, operating helicopter safety equipment.

Survival at Sea
Types of Emergency situations
Training and drills - emergency preparedness - Evacuation procedures
Use of equipment in liferaft and lifeboat - Personal life saving appliances - Principles of survival at sea
Actions to take when in water and survival craft - Location aids - Search and rescue - Helicopter assistance

Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training / Basic Safety & Emergency Preparedness Course

4 Years

Entry Standards:
This course is open to both prospective and serving offshore workers. They should be certified to be in good health.

5 Days (Basic)
2 Days (Refresher)

For more information:[/b:]
Go to this website:

[b]Contact information:

Torskebergveien, 6
N-3950 Brevik
Phone: + 47 35 55 55 45
Mobile: + 47 90 77 56 58
Fax: + 47 35 55 55 42
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