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Any Oceaneering Trainee's on here or people that went through training in Morgan City?

I have a question on transportation logistics. I am coming in from out of state for training at OI Morgan City. I wanted to fly down and rent a car, but I could only find a Hertz rental agency down in Houma to return it to. Is that the only rental car place around?

I was also thinking of driving my 2nd car down and leaving it, but didn't know if hitches after training were worldwide or for the first 6 months of orange hat, you stayed around the GOM and were based out of Morgan City.

Where did you go when you done with training and went out on your hitches, did you always come back to Morgan City for your assignment?
Did OI pay to fly you from your home state to your assignment, or did they only provide offshore transportation?
You can leave your POV at the offshore parking lot at OI in M.C. and catch a ride to where ever it is your going whether its a heliport or the docks. Sometimes you can drive your own POV to the afore mentioned places but thats not guaranteed all the time (its different for different projects) .

If your flying (if you have no previous experience then odds are your not going out of the GOM the first 6 months) then you will get hotshotted from M.C. to the airport and vice versa if thats what you prefer if you dont want to leave your POV sitting at the airport for weeks/months.

Whether or not OI pays for your flight to and from work is based on whatever type of arrangement you and OI agreed upon prior to your employment. Most of the guys I have worked with that have 2/3 years with OI (technicians) and no prior experience have had to pay for their own tickets.

Dont know to much about the rental car places because I have always driven my own POV.
Enterprise car rental is in Berwick, just over the Atchafalya river (Morgan City other side).
Great! That helps allot, Thank you!

Do you guys have wireless for your laptops on rigs or boats?
That also depends alot on what company OI is contracting out too. Sometimes you might have top of the line accommodations like wi fi and then sometimes you might not have internet access at all!

I can remember a time when we only had company email access (no internet) and could send one short email out a day and the only phone service we had was by company sat. phone and then we had to have a special company issued calling card to use it.....of course the cost for the call was deducted straight out of our paychecks. Believe it or not that was just ten short years ago.
There isn't a whole lot in Morgan City... but since your training is going to be 9 weeks you will probably want one. Oceaneering doesn't pay for your flights to and from work until you make supervisor. Until then you get $300 travel pay per month as long as you make a crew change during that month. They will also pay for your flight if you are being sent overseas etc. other than that though your are responsible for getting to M.C. where they will transport you. Just go through training and you will learn the ropes.

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