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Working with a guy who downloaded the free version of this software and he can access his home computer from anywhere with an internet connection. It comes up on your screen the same as your desktop. Works well, a little bit slow, but that will depend on your connection. You set a password etc, not done a search about how secure it is yet. But it is a very handy tool. You have to install it on your home computer to allow it to be accessed, but after that it seems to work well.

See what you think.
It works well, i've used it from my laptop and vessels, but it means your home PC has to be left on all the time, so you need a good firewall. you can do everything as if your sat at the pc your accessing. including sending emails from it.

It's an interesting concept and a could see the value when you are in a hotel or another (away from home) location. It may also work on a platform without too much trouble.

You may wish to consider that bandwidth is limited on vessels though.
If a few people on the same vessel were to try and remotely control a PC at home (at the same time) it wouldn't take long before the whole vessel internet/email system would slow down as the available bandwidth was reduced to a trickle as a result.

I would also suspect that if the IT guys on the beach (in any company) twigged on to this they would simply remotely block the protocol required to make it work. Initially that may seem to be no great loss at face value, but the protocol being blocked may be the same one as used for the likes of Messenger and Skype keyboard chat.. not so funny if they went also.
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