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hi guys,
i wonder if any one has heard ot this web site called

seems all my collegues are always visiting it. i'm thinking they must all be interested in amateur animal podiatry. It all seems rather strange behaviour for offshore types?......hmmmn
I like the parody of the the song by the Beach Boys' Kokomo. Great!!
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
seadog?....thats not the sonsub seadog is it?

what are you doing at a site like that, i thought you spent all your time at hydraulic web sites.

Actually you should not make light of such a viewing marvel. I heard (on my corner stool at bernies bullshitters bar and grill) that some of your sonsub cronies actually experienced true love at "camel"
Yeah it's me who's asking?

Actually mate you didn't digest the post properly. I said it's my work mates who are the amateur podiatrists , spending time at that site..

i've been cured of such vouyersism, ever since i was watching one of dazza's blueys. About 15 minutes into it i recognized his watch on a rather busy hand.The memory still haunts me
Slayered here

I have one good site for you check out.

It is just a sit that is for us far away seaman.

"seamen" being the operative word i suppose?

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