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Anyone have any advise on whether to move to Angola for a 4 on/off contract. What is life like there long term-wise. Only ever been once, whisked in and then whisked out to Kabinda.. I hear it is pretty expensive, but guess most companies put you in a nice concrete compound ?? Any good or bad points... Very Happy
Im sure you could get a job back in Egypt - I know how much you loved it Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
ya reckon ??? i did actually like it there.... better the devil you know....
pm me horris, as i know someone that could answer that.

is it on or offshore? if it is onshore beware of false promises even the from well established companies
Good points; - Ummmmmmmm?

Bad points;

Traffic. Looks like a beehive when viewed from above.
Airport. Small and can't cope with processing one jumbo load. Wait till two land.
Expensive. beer about US$3 for 250ml.
Muggings in traffic due to the snail pace.
Useless police.
Can you speak Portuguese? if not you're stuck even checking your cellphone balance.
Immigration. Its the only country I know that wants to keep you if your visa expires. Their latest idea of fun is to lock up expats that return after leaving on expired visas until the company pays the fine. The fine can only be paid during banking hours so don't get locked up late on Friday.
Phones. No public phones and the cellphone company is owned by the Presidents daughter. You have to top up every month at exorbitant rates because if you don't, you can't call, no matter how much you have in your account.
Drainage. You can find raw sewage trickling past the corner pub while you enjoy your drink at Cholera Corner just the way down from Typhoid Trench which is across the road from the Diarrhoea Diner.
Toilets. Not what you're used to and require a strong stomach.
Water. If you're adventurous try drinking it. Check out the price of the bottled water.

But Nigeria is worse.
sounds like my kind of hell hole........

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