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I'm thinking of going agency after 10 years with Sclub7.
Do you guys register with multiple agencies.
What's the best tax method when dealing with them.
Is it a case of UKPS PROFFS and Subserv pro are the main players or are there others worth contacting.
Should I keep my head down and wait for next year if it's a bit quiet at the moment. I know itech subsea7 is trying to reduce the number of agency hands it uses.
Keep your head down for another few months at least, things are still quite with the agencies.
Speak for yourself , There is stacks of work Smile
Try Subpserv , Will Tell , Delectable Claire and Rob Roy Smile
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
rovsoup, Why do you wan to go agency? There are a number of problems going on in the agency work at the moment with reference to the tax position. If you live in the UK it looks like you will no longer be able to work as self-employed. Agency PAYE is a bum deal as you have to pay the 12.8% employers national insurance liability out of your day rate so as the agency can continue to make its profit. You have no benefits, pension or income if it’s quiet. Not to mention health cover for being sick.

There are good points for going agency especially if you only want to work say 100 days or so but with loss of the self employed status it all seems hardly worth it to remain agency if you live in the UK. I would advise you to have a think about why you want to change.
laziness is the devil!
I have been a self employed rov guy for the past 36 and no body has told me I can't be self-employed.
So I can only think it must only be some tax areas .
As for being PAYE no way I work for me not the tax man



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