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Just about had enough of tropical paradise!!! and have decided to return to the UK. Does anyone know of ROV companies operating in S. Devon area? When it gets quiet here there is nothing to do but sit in bars, at least back in the UK there is always other work around - casual or on the books. I know the Uk is not the best place to live but the constant hassle of dealing with visas etc is really becoming a pain and with prices rising daily savings dont last long.
Regards Polo.
You want to locate to one of the most expensive parts of the UK?? The majoity of houses are now all holiday homes down there, house prices are through the roof.

You are more likely to be closer to ROV companies on the East coast (Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, Aberdeen!)

Why not register with an agency? Plenty of work and you can live anywhere...even the moon!

Seriously though, there's ROV companies in Portland, Fareham, Yeovil and a couple of real small outfits in Plymouth. Search the Net, they're all there.


You forgot Mars...


you're joking !!! ?? No / yes.
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
Hi Guys,
Irealised that S.Devon is expensive but never thought about Gt Yaarmouth ,my sister lives in that area!! Too much sitting in bars I guess.
I have registered through agencies but everything is so slow that it could be months before work turns up. Last year there was always other work in Thailand - engineering or electronic but with all the new regulations no employer will dare to employ a foreigner without a mountain of expensive documents and work permit. I have contacted various companies in Europe but non are willing to pay air fares for short term jobs.
I'll keep plugging away at it but I think at my age a return to Europe is going to happen soon.
Regards Polo

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