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Hi, i have a question ref courses, not the usual ones, given the current state of the industry it is clear that a rookie has 0 chance of getting a start anytime in the near future, i am mechanical/hyd with a bit of elec knowledg, i have been offered the chance to do a domestic installer electrical course which obviously i am going to take as i think all would agree, chance of a free course with certs has got to be a YES please!
my question is; will that be beneficial to the rov side also? it is on the beach for fitting out containers used as offices?? is c&g approved and certified including 17 edition, also after doing the course if i pay 595 inc vat and 5 more days, i get compEx NC of core competence.
any help is always appreciated thanks
Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is NOTHING.
With the price of oil dropping every day it does not matter what course you do because there is very little work available .

You may ask the same question over and over again but the answer is going to be the same " DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY " Wait until the price of oil is above $70 USD then think about courses .

Even when the price of oil gets to $70 USD don't expect a flood of Rov trainee jobs , Its not going to happen .FORGET Rov find a nice little onshore job and once the price of oil goes back up then think about it , But as I and many others have said in the past if you have the basic knowledge of electronics or hydraulics any of the current rov operators will hire you and put you through one of there own in house training programs . Many think they can buy them self into the industry it doe not work that way .
Even when there was trainee jobs available it was more luck than judgement that you got in , So please keep your money and wait .
This current recession may be here longer than we think and the bills dont stop so find some other employment .
Hi raptor, thanks for the reply, but that wasn't what I was meaning, I know the current situation and there is no chance getting a start, even my side has dried right up, I have been offered a position on the beach fitting out container units for offices, and the company are putting me through the course, I was asking if it was a course that would also help in the rov industry?
Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is NOTHING.
Hi flymoROV

Sorry but your course for fitting out containers will not in any way help you get a job in the rov industy !
I disagree - slightly.

Right now, yes it will make no difference. In the future, when things are back up and running, having qualifications and experience as an electrician cannot do any harm and having a trade and experience behind you certainly would be preferable to someone with a Degree and "theoretical" knowledge.

I am all in favour of any training which is not specifically ROV related that can be used in other industries.
Hi ray, that's what I was hoping, already a mechanic/hydraulic tech offshore, but been offered a chance to do this course and work for a company on beach, they are funding the course which is domestic installer, fuse boxes circuit breakers, lights mains and so on and 17 edition wiring regs, and if I pay 595 for a further 5 days I get compex, which is for hazardous ie. zone2, so was hoping it would help and be recognised within the rov sector, when things pick up?
Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is NOTHING.
Even before the current recession it was impossible to get employment as a Rov trainee just step back and look at the archives on this site and see the thousands of trainees all asking the same thing " About courses and how to get into the Rov industry " Some have even been offering there services for free .Who remembers this ad on linkedin " I am a former marine, avail now FOR FREE (UNPAID!) ROV PILOT WORK EXPERIENCE with all nec certifications, BOSIET, MIST, Offshore Med, as well as electric, electronic and hydraulic courses. " Did he find a job " No " and this was before the recession

This current recession will end at some point and when it does there will be no body available to fill the rov personnel requirements at this point they will accept any warm body who has in date medical and survival certs

As a freelancer for over 40 years I am all for doing courses to make yourself more saleable . But I think at the end of the day its being at the right place at the right time . So if the course is free you have nothing to loose but would I pay for a course like this No ?
How ever a Domestic Electrician Installer course is looked on by Electricians in the Industry as a 2 week Sparks course plus companies who employ for industrial and commercial works you will be seen as a cheap labour option for ever if they employ you for what ever purpose.

but with the right approach the you can get the right Certs best to go for

17th edition 3rd Amendment
2394 & 2395 Inspection and Testing initial and periodic
2377-22 and 2377-32 Both of the Pat testing courses
2393 Building Regulations for part P for work in England for domestic use.

and the best course to start with is 2365 level 2 and 3 and that will able then to do a NVQ 3 as well as trade test AM2 this in effect is part 1 and parts 2 electrical installations.

Domestic courses ok you will learn something but there for plumbers and builders very basic courses leaving you unable to do many things or having the knowledge for later on maybe use full wiring at home but these days your work still needs to be signed of unless you have the right certs you will need someone else anyway.

and for the Record COMP EX should and not be take by domestic electricians and quite possible not allowed as domestic electrician don't have the required entry requirements.

Comp ex even if you blagged and lied and got onto the course's that course is not that easy for qualified electricians with the above certs who work in domestic installations in the first place let alone 2 minute electricians.

You can not be an electrician in a few weeks.

The 2392 basic inspection would be use full for your own experience and progression if you take the domestic route only. but best to take the 2394/2395 route for that set of exams.
The other basic course's I don't know anything about remember if they are free there is a reason for it understand the logic why some one is giving them to you.

Take them and progress sure but forget about COMP EX unless you become Qualified with all of the above.

2394 and 2395 has a high failure record as did the old 2391 course also the Comp Ex has a failure rate as well.
These above are taken by college electricians who spent 2-3 learning before taking them as well.

It used to be 4 years + for the route of being an Electrician so it can not be done in a few weeks.
lol WOW, ok back to original post, not mentioned anything about ROV courses!! as first said, i know there is no chance of getting into industry just now!!! been offered a job on beach and they have offered to put me through a course, original question was.... would the course have any use also in the rov side?? not as a course to get into rovs, merely as im doing the course anyway, was just for info Rolling Eyes and the compex course is over and above but i would have to pay for that, is there any need for compex within the rov side? i work with zone2 units just now and have recently converted some of our zone2 gennys to upgraded regs, and to work on them we now need to be compex, just wondered if any of the rov side was too, like control van or such??
Impossible is not a declaration. It's a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is NOTHING.
Any Electrical Control Equipment zone rated used in ROV Subsea Operations which is certified is worked on by Qualified Electricians (Not Domestic Electricians).

So your Answer is a Domestic Qualified Electrician is of no use at all.

Can the Domestic Electrician progress yes to be Qualified Electrician yes they could increase there basic knowledge and certs and would it become use full yes.

Will your knowledge be use full as a Mech Tech in ROV regarding electrics possible but you wont be working for any competent operator on there certified electrical control gear.

And like I said Comp EX is not for domestic work you are supposed to be Qualified Electrician and with out those Qualifications you will not be able to sign of Comp EX work any way.
Hi Guys,

I have been going through posts in this forum for a while now. This is the closest thread I found to what i want to know. The seniors please advice, I want to take up a course in ROV P/T to gain a starting knowledge of the job. Could you suggest me which is the best for the buck training institute out there who will guide me according to the IMCA norms for ROV operations. I have read enough about the hardships in securing a job, but those mere all prior to 2017 and nothing have been in the threads post 2017. So i believe the bad days are gradually changing. I have done quiet some research on the courses and got few replies from some of the IMCA accredited institutes (again I am not saying they are authorized by IMCA to give certificates, I know that already)

The Underwater Center - Fort William
Fugro - Training in Abu Dhabi-UAE
MTCS - they said they have suspended the ROV courses
Delta ROV - Not training on ROV anymore
SubNet - No reply yet
DiveTech - Only US Citizens (I am Indian)

I would like to get the experienced guys in the industry to advice me on which would be worth the time and money.


There has been very little change in the industry since this original topic was started back in august 2015 , Most of the Rov training courses have been stopped because there is no requirement .

Many of the Senior members of this forum have already said many times in the past " IMCA does not authorized any courses " in fact its not mandatory to even do a Rov course . So like I said 2 years ago " Its your money if you wish to waste your money on doing a course its up to you " All your doing is adding your name to the thousands of other guys who did a course in the hope they will find employment in the Rov Industry . Plus all the other guys who have over 10 - 20 years in the game and many of those have been sitting at home for over more that over 12 - 15 months . So the rest is up to you .

Good Luck
I understand your point. I was advised by a close relative to take up the course to get the basics of the job. Once I get the basics, he has contacts to get me a chance to join a team of ROV specialists as a trainee. And the offer stands only if i get the course done. So, I hope you understand my situation.
If you have a back ground in Hydraulics or Electronics your half way there many companys will put you through there own in house training programs . like I have said doing a Rov course is not mandatory .

Lets be very clear about this your friend saying do a course and you might get a job sorry over the 40 years I have been in the indusry it does not work like that we have had this debate for many years just have a look at the archives on this site . I might add this is going back 5 - 10 years when there was Rov personnel requirements and even then the schools just flooded the industry with trainees . These days due to the low price of oil there are very few requirements and the projects that going are hiring only locals and using much smaller crews . So if you want spend your money do a Hydaulics or Electronics course and work in some other industry should things change in the oil and gas industry in the future then yes apply for a trainee post .

Like I have said before its your money but your wasting it doing a rov course .
So you say it's better to take on a Hydraulics and Electronics short course than to go for an ROV course to understand better about the actual job. But again my main concern is still not cleared - which institute would you suggest?

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