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Hi guys,

I'm a trenching pilot with one year experience, 1000 logged hours looking forward to start my carrear as free lance.

Does any body have some info regarding the average day rate for trenching pilots? (I mean the same of flighing ROV, WROV, less, more?)

Are the trenching pilots required by the market?

Any suggestion is well appreciated.

Many thanks

The questions you ask along with your lack of time in the industry show a very limited experience. If I were you I would get a few more years under your belt before trying freelance work. You might want to look at gaining experience with several different trenching systems otherwise you are restricted in your employability. Also something to bear in mind, pilot hours logged while trundling along the 2D seabed in auto follow/ auto head with the odd jet system tweak now and again are very different to 3D ops with freefly subs. If you switched from trenching you would become a trainee on the lower end of the rate scale. Companies such as Canyon and DeepOcean have trenching systems and freefly, this would be an ideal starting place to gain the necessary knowledge and experience before going alone.

Before freelancing you should also aim to know and gain experience of the industry inside out, all the ROVs commonly used along with their equipment and LARS, companies, vessels, rates, areas/types of work, agencies and their scams to extract money from you etc etc etc It is a mine field for the uninitiated.

Good Luck either way

What Trencher you been working on then?
Hi K2 and Deepocean,

and thanks for your interest.
The trenching system used is a custom system for shallow waters composed of mainly four different machines. Is diffeernt from Excalibur, T1200, T3000 and so on

I totaly agree with you K2, I simply want to collect more info on trenching because is not so treated in forums as ROV's.
I want to be sure that, if I 'cut the umbelical' with the company I'm working for with long contract, I will find new opportunities with other companies (long contract or not)

I need to collect skills and experience with other systems in 3D ( any way I have the course and 20 ROV class 2 logged hours...............)
My target is to gather experience, money will come...............and, just to give you an idea my day/rate is 240 euro/day, 54keuro per year .

Many thanks
1000 hrs in a year.. [banned word] me are you counting co pilot, pilot and wich hrs...
Hello Nimrod,

Just to be fair I'm not cheating you, the trenching systems has no pilot and copilot but four pilots working toghether on 4 different in line machines (as a train). Last year due a lack of pilots we had to spend from 10 to 11 hours with controls in hand over 12 hours.................rotation 56/28.

Now the logged and signed hours by superintended are close to 1.500 and I will work in this way for one year more.
Stefano Collavini
skype stefano.collavini
1000 Hours in a year??? Shocked Man you got my deepest respect! I'm in this game too and I've reached 2000 hours only at the end of the Costa Concordia Shipwreck Removal Project, but before that, I've spent 9 years in rov ops.

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