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Hey all. I know the industry is not looking great at the moment but what do you think the prospects are over say the next 2 years or so? I did the 3 week course in the Underwater Centre last year but haven't had any luck since I've been looking for a job. Out of almost 100 CV's I got maybe 6 or 7 actual replies of any sort, which I always appreciate because it lets you know at least someone saw it. I have a nautical background, having been a Radio Officer and Electronics ETO previously but even that side of things is hard to get into these days. I also have around 250 hours fixed wing flight time and an FAA Commercial ticket and Instrument Rating but I don't know if that that would have any relevance to employers. If the prospects are't good in the medium term, I may have to start looking at other possibilities


With hundreds of experienced guys currently being laid off right now.

Start looking elsewhere.
Toasty , you will have more chance of work with an airline at the present time .
If you have an FAA ticket mate i'd look at UAV inspection work. I've just been laid off 'due to financial restructuring' and am finding jobs, contract and freelance, few and far between. I'd imagine as a trainee it's near impossible to get hired at present. I came across this which might be of interest to you?

UAV Pilots - Houston

Sky-Futures are looking for potential UAV pilots based in the USA. Candidates will be highly professional, dynamic and keen to embrace a new and exciting industry. Candidates must possess at least PPL.

Offshore O&G experience highly desirable, experience of working in small teams, under pressure in austere and/or isolated environments essential.

•Onshore and Offshore inspection work operating a rotary UAV
•Inspection work in the USA
•Risk Assessment, Method Statement and Flight Plan preparation
•Working with Sky-Futures Offshore Inspectors to support inspections and report writing
•Assisting in the maintenance and preparation of UAVs
•Client liaison

•Significant experience of working offshore or in austere environments
•Flexibility, with the ability to deploy overseas at short notice for weeks at a time
•Excellent verbal and written communication skills
•Ability to operate effectively as part of a team
•Knowledge of FAA regulations
•High level of professionalism and safe working practices
•Ability to work with high levels of independence in complex environments
•Calm and pragmatic problem solver
•Computer literate

All candidates must be based within a commutable distance of the Sky-Futures Houston office. Candidates must also be willing to travel worldwide on a regular basis for varied lengths of time.

Candidates who are eligible to work in the USA should send their CV, covering letter, current salary and notice period to Jay at
- See more at:

Good luck,

Very Interesting, thanks for that JonoBiggs. Unfortunately I'm based in Ireland and don't have US living/working privileges. It may be something to look at elsewhere though I haven't flown in 5 years. Maybe some day EASA and the FAA will come to their senses and iron out their differences. I'm pretty much getting the picture that the ROV end of things is highly unlikely for the foreseeable future in any case. Thanks again Smile

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