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Benthos Open Frame Sea Rover. for sale. This Rov was purchased sight unseen from a government auction. It was owned by the US Navy surface warefare branch. It turned out to be larger than the intended surface support vessel could handle so is being re sold.
The vehicle is complete with 6 thruster's, 2 cameras, 4 lights,360 degree sonar, and a gripper.
There is also a surface power supply, sonar box, 2 hand boxes, monitors, video sync box, various cables, spare side scan head, spare accumulator, spare driver board and a comprehensive manual that outlines all procedures as well as electrical schematics, circuit board schematics and test and repair procedures. It does not come with umbilical or surface control console. It ships in a shipping crate 80 x 38 x 38 inches and weighs 1000 pounds when crated.
Asking $11000 obo. May consider parting out if interest in major components.
45 images available at

some specs for vehicle are,
6x nvc-151-m thrusters, Kongsberg simrad model 971 675khz 1000meter sonar, 4 benthos lights, benthos micro tv camera model 4202, 3 DOF benthos gripper,

Pictures are as follows.
#1- simrad mod 971 sonar #2- benthos lights x4 #3- benthos gripper #4-benthos micro tv 4202 #5 & #6 thrusters model nvc-151-m
#7- acumulator #8- front end of housing with ptz camera #9- #10front end circuit cards all dry and clean #11 #12- front view of vehicle (no float attached)
#13- #14- back end of vehicle #15- Thruster driver cards all clean and dry #16- side view. #17 - front view #18- topside equipment #19- TCR power supply, model 350T30-4-0v input 480v 3 phase 60hz output 0-350vdc 0-30 amps, #20- hotronic AP41 frame synchronizer, Simrad MS900 sonar box, 2 x sony monitors
#21- industrial computers monitor #22- primary hand box benthos model NVD-061-J #23- secondary hand box benthos model NVD-259 #24- hand box extension cable #25- simrad sonar cable #26- benthos gripper hand control #27- sonar test cable #28-spare cables for lights ,gripper #29- benthos strobe model 388
#30- benthos MAB06 cable cutter 24v #31- spare accumulator #32- simrad duel transducer side scan head model 971-8 675hz #33- benthos mini camera housing(no camera) #34- 2 spare domes #35 #36 manual

Pleas pm me for further details.

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