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Im starting an ROV career in the GOM. For those of you working in the GOM, or anywhere else really, how often are you paid? Ill be working a 4wk out 4 wk back rotation aboard ship.

My concern is budgeting. The best i can figure is if im working the month of january, ill be paid the first week of february and wont be back to work until march 1st (dates are just an example). This means i wont be paid again until the first week of april. So i have to stretch one check from feb 1st until april 1st.

Can anyone shed some light on this with their experiences? How do you guys budget? Also, are there any 'slow months' where you just arent getting jobs? Id especially like to hear from those working for an ROV company.

Every company, contract and area of the world is different.

You can either work a dayrate contract where you are paid only when you work. You can get a fixed salary and an offshore allowance for every day you work offshore. You can also get a salary and a guaranteed number of offshore days every month whether you work them or not.

There are some companies out there that take you on and then leave you at home for months just paying you a small retainer with no guarantee they will send you offshore to earn proper money. As you are planning on working in GOM, be aware that Oceaneering has been known to do this with some new starts.

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