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I am not trying to take the piss but is Subserv saying that as of the 8th of July Deeptech are only paying 0 to 50 percent for travel days? As that is the day they received, and where granted permission to post, the correspondence from Deeptech Or they have confirmed that up to 6 mounts and 8 days ago they were paying 100 percent! pre 2014
Does Sonsub pay 100 percent travel or 50 percent?
You can not put the same shoe on every foot.
The policy from Deeptech has been in place for some time now. The post being made on the 8th July is in response and was clarified by Subserv Pro directly with Deeptech. This was following suggestions that we may not be operating the policy correctly.

Sonsub have a travel policy and I would advise that individuals seek clarification as to how this will be imposed prior to accepting a contract. However, I do not feel comfortable making any further comment on other clients policies in open forum without seeking prior approval from them.

We only ever work with our clients policies and never, ever withhold monies outside these policies as this would be in breach of contract.

I would be happy to discuss this any any other matters directly to further clarify our position if that would help in any way. My contact number is 0044 1295 225000.
Nautech was offering a job a few days ago.
NPCC @ 50% Travel.
NPCC always pay full travel days so Nautech are being naughty

Already knew this from several years back already.
What they, amongst others are probably doing is nailing the client-s extra monies over the festive season as well and then telling folk it is not evident at the end of the day, they then pocket the monies themselves.

Expose all these vermon so it is out and about and is known.

Do not by any means rob monies off of the senior service.

All respect has been lost and either these critters are to be shut down in the whole entirety or boycotting is the general order of the day.

Do not by any means rob monies off of the senior service

WTF have the Royal Navies to do with this? Exclamation

Spoken as an ex-Pusser.

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