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............... And how about 2008 when you decided to get into ROV's ?
Did they have a bad reputation then ?
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
lostboy i dont know what your problem is whenever i post ,, but i never dealt with Orion in 2008 or any year regarding ROVs ,I started in ROV September 2006 as a workshop tech for Mermaids Thailand and 1st ROV agency job was with subserv and that was much later .

the problems I mentioned in a previous post have been solved to my satisfaction, and the agency concerned has bent over backwards to put the situation right , i am not out of pocket at all and all monies have been remmited to my bank .
norweigan tax has been sorted to mine and noggy tax office's satisfaction.

thats why i have not named/shamed them ..

Directors of the agency concerned have offered me full apologies for the mistakes they made and are aware that many ROV guys are not entirely happy with them and some other agencies .
The directors are also aware of consequences of screwups and the issues of HMRC and other tax problems for expats and also the problem with trying it on with low rates generally which they know is coming to a head as ROV guys are a small world .

The agency concerned is actually setting up an office in a non UK territory opening next month which is a positive step for dealing with expats ....

However the Umbrella company in the loop is ARMADA and they were not very good ,, so called Norweigan tax expert got it totally wrong , they also lost my details and did not communicate with me when things went wrong ....AVOID !!!!!!
Agency Sub Serv Pro
Location Mexico
position PT
Rate 400, 450, 520, 550 pounds

Four rates for four different guys doing the same job? You ask for the best rate every time you go out on one of the jobs, and several times over the years I find myself on a lower rate then the guy in a lower position!
I would assume they get a standard rate from the client for the position. So why would there be such a difference in the rate. You want to trust that they have given you the best rate possible, and that they only take a fixed commission from your day rate.

How many agency guys out there think their getting good value services from the agency's? They must make a few hundred pounds a day per guy! No wonder there are so many new start ups.

So make sure you time sheets are signed and are sent in on time other wise you will have to wait a few weeks more to be paid. Rolling Eyes
You can not put the same shoe on every foot.
Same as below! Debug mode!

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I was on the kettle!
Bloomin' server error

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I was on the kettle!
thats why i have not named/shamed them ..

Just because you have now sorted your issue does not mean you cannot name them.
Naming them, helps your fellow workers make an educated choice whether to use them or not in the future.
What use is posting a scenario, without any company facts in this thread, other than just to moan?

I can concur that Armada or AMGRL, were used back in the good old Cable and Wifeless days.
They often get payments wrong, invoice wrong companies and you have to chase them for your payment - Thats' the unfortunate nature of this industry though - comes with the territory I guess?

For fear that the topic is becoming diluted;
Has anyone had any dealings with AGR, good or bad?

Happy days! Wink
I was on the kettle!
Agency - Select Oil and Gas
Region - North Sea
Position - Pilot Tech
Work Scope - Drill Support
Day Rate - 300 GBP

End of May 2014

Far to many consultants working in Recruitment these days with no idea of the Day rate of the Positions there trying to fill.
How many agency guys out there think their getting good value services from the agency's? They must make a few hundred pounds a day per guy! No wonder there are so many new start ups.

Remember it is ALL agencies' business model to get personnel as cheaply as possible, whilst exerting the minimum of effort, involvement and expenditure...Simple economics to maximise profit.

Or do I have it wrong?
I was on the kettle!
the average markup for an agency is 20% but sometimes they get a more and some operators are also trying the squeaze too ,,

Most agencies are now becoming very annoying and service levels and competence of agents is patchy .....Too many trainee agents and they are also pushing the bottom line with one eye on profits and the other on their liabilities , overdrafts and will they get paid in 90 days .
All because Stupid Idiots "Fancy" a shot at the ROV market without any training or apprenticeship and are willing to go "Freelance" without any experience ............... YOU BOYS DILUTED THIS INDUSTRY TO SUCH FARCE MEASURES and then are willing to cut corners by going through an "Agent"
Well [banned word] Done, Congratulations !
Put ya brain in gear before ye open thy gob !
Ok I have no idea were this agency gets these silly rates from , First of all the agency is Larson Group .

There requirements are in Brazil . First of all getting visa for down there is very hard .

Work class ROV experience (Fugro/Oceaneering/DOF Subsea/Subsea 7)
• Upwards of 1000 hours flying
• Good English
• Day rate for Senior Pilot Technician - £450/day
• Pipeline Installation or construction experience NOT Drill Support.

I think his going to have a very hard time plus Larson is a UK based agency does this mean bye bye to 40% of your day rate .

The rates for this one were directly from the client, fixed rate for man, fixed rate for agency. (As I write this it has just been increased effective 1st July to £470/day)

This isn't always the case that its fixed and when it isn't we certainly aren't an agency that aims to get the biggest gap between the contractor rate and charge rate.

Anyone who becomes a contractor via Larson Group i'm happy to discuss the rates involved in your contract...

To answer your point about saying bye bye to 40% - we are a UK based agency, and no it doesn't mean bye bye to 40%. Our contractors are Ltd company or Umbrella - we don't deduct anything from an invoice.

As a first point of contact if anyone has any questions the best way is to connect to me on LinkedIn:
Larson Group

Thanks for the response. Always good to see an agency perspective in the Forum.
James Mc
Site Admin

Shocked Search First - Ask questions later Thumb Up
Hi LarsonGroup

Thanks for the response and the reason why the rates are low but I do not think you'll find hard core work class guys for that day rate .

But I fully understand that company's cannot find their own personnel so they farm out the requirement to the agency's its funny every year we seem to get the same request from the same company's .

If they took care of their personnel and paid them the going rate they would not have this problem , Just spend time and look on the archives .

I think in the future its best to ask what is the going rate for experienced work class guys , People are out there but not for the silly rates that your company's are offering .

As for the 40% tax if someone works via your agency and they do not have a tax code or limited company they will be taxed emergency tax if you do not tax them " You're liable "

Good luck with your search


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