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Hello Forum! My first post and probably you guys want to ask me to search before posting, but that is not what I'll do. I'll post first Wink

The reason i post is because i don't know exactly what to search for since this ROV industry is new to me.

I've looking for an opportunity to get a job as a ROV Pilot Trainee, but It's no secret that this is hard as ****.

I'm then wondering what do you guys think my chances are with my specification? Below I'll write what i do and what i know / have an interest for.


I'm a 25yrs old man from Norway (Seeking a job locally mainly but if they fly me out I'll be working anywhere in the world!). I believe that i can be a good add-on to a ROV team due to my qualifications. I'm both an certificated electrician and ICT technician (2 certificates) and I work in my spare time with web development / programming and understand the "basics" of most of the programming languages. I'm currently working with fiber / copper installation in houses as a telecommunications technician.

I would be glad and quickly adapt to work with electronic / software on a ROV. Since i was little and got my first "Mindstorms Lego" system I've using my time to play with robotics, so I think i have a hidden "Fetish" in the electronic robotics.

I also believe my english skill is good enough to work in multinational firms. I'm currently manager of two different firms. One is a hobby and the other is development (Mobile Phone apps, Webpages and campaigns. Developed for companies such as Microsoft and Telenor to mention two). (Not so relevant but just mention it anyway)

I'm going to take the BOSIET course (I think, in Norway It's named "GSK" for Basic Safety Course in norwegian). So I hope this will help me.

So what are my chances? Could 2013 give me a ROV Trainee job? And what should i do? Where can i search? Any tips?

And to all others searching, best of luck! I see that It's needed Smile
Your best bet is to get a job with a Norwegian ROV company as they are more likely to take on a local.

Search through the forum on here, especially the Rookie section, and most of your questions have already been asked.

As to getting a job as a Trainee, there are hundreds, if not thousands, chasing a few Trainee jobs.
Thanks! I've applied to Fugro now, but they seek qualified ROV Pilots so doubt I'll have any chance there.

I know there are hundreds if not thousands of seekers. But I believe that I might have a better chance due to my qualifications and big interests ? From what I've seen around in Norwegian forums and stuff many just finished school and wanted to check out ROV because they think that it is "cool".

Well, I've been educated around some of the qualifications a ROV Pilot / Team Member is required to have. Also been "playing" with robotics for years and am fascinated by it.

I do not want to talk "down" on other seekers, because I don't really know they'r full qualifications but .. what did you have before you started as a ROV Pilot ?

What school did you go and how did the job come to "you" ? Smile

I feel that I have what it takes! But do I really? I mean as a ROV Pilot, what is required from you? Any hint on what i should seek up on ? Smile
Read through the messages in the Rookie section, also at the FAQs (link over on the left).

Employers want people who can fix and maintain electrical, electronic, and hydraulic equipment and who are competent and reliable. But there are thousands of people who also have this.
Would just inform, I actually have got a new job as of January 2014 I start as a ROV Pilot Trianee in Oceaneering Smile

My tip is just remember to call, call and call! Smile

My application was declined, so i mailed them and asked why, and was declined again on my mail. Mailed to ask what i was missing and got declined. Then i called and got declined again, but 5 minutes after they called again and wanted more info and a week after i got a interview, 2 weeks after a job offer! Very Happy

Took a year to get to it but atleast I had a really good job inbetween! Smile

Any tip for a new Trainee? Smile
Great news Toffe, well done Very Happy . Just shows perseverance pays off.
Good luck in your new position.
Well done.

A tip is listen more than you speak, do ANY job that needs doing which includes tidying up and making the tea. The other guys would all have been in that same position when they started and wont see why you should be any different Smile

Also, after 2 years experience, leave and get a job somewhere else, they are great to start off with but apparently very poor payers in the long run.

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