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Just tried to gauge everyone opinions on this -

Everyone knows the Rov industry im mostly contract work, but what are your general opinions on Salary plus day rate roles?

1) Would you prefer to solely work contracting?

2) Get a salaried/Day rate role therefore constantly having income coming in?

Would be good to know what everyone thoughts are on this.
TBH Ercandy,

Its whatever floats your boat at the time.....too big a subject to write as every one has their own reasons why... Best to look at your situation and decide whats best for you... Wink
"Keep it in view or it'll look wanky on the video!!"
As above really. Everyone has different requirements at different times but for me personally i would prefer to have at least some fixed wage coming in every month. Also helps with alot of things in this day and age to be able to show a fixed monthly income for mortgage purposes etc etc. Usually, even with a fixed salary plus day rate there are times during the year when you get extra lump sums so for me i definetly prefer that way.
Having worked at times all the scenariao's mentioned, I'm happiest working straight day rate now, I more or less choose when I want to work...however it also has a lot to do with what stage in your career you are at, there is a lot to be gained from being a staffer if you are still learning the ropes. Seasons greetings to everyone and lets have a prosporous 2014! Very Happy

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