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James et al, Tip o' the hat and thanks. This one's for you -- Cheers and all the best mate
Gina, James and moderators....Thank you for a decent platform to have a winge, larf, gripe et al.

Thank you.
It's been emotional Wink
I was on the kettle!
Thanks guys for the time you spent on this site. Its been useful for finding work and ideas and recruitment.

Hopefully someone else will erect another ROV site where we can all keep on bitching. lol

On behalf of the ROVworld web-team I'd like to say that we appreciate all the kind comments coming through... Thanks! Thumb Up

There is some light at the end of the tunnel as we have had a few inquiries from interested parties on taking over from where we left off. They are mostly of a commercial nature but if we do pass it on I will endeavour to ensure that the flavour of the site remains as is, i.e. a community site for ROV peeps.

The last people I would do my utmost to avoid taking over are those representing an ROV training establishment! As it stands there are enough of those sucking in poor innocent people and relieving them of cash on the premise of the industry being short of ROV techs! 'Twaddle' is the word I'll publish.. but not the first one that springs to mind though!!
Thanks guys for all your hard work over the years. I wish you continued success in your new ventures. My family and I have benefited from your work over the years and we are very appreciative. I think its a great time to shutdown this project, its clear that it has been hijacked by Mr give me a job and Johnny come lately agencies and newbie pilots who have been degrading the rates and conditions.
Best wishes and thanks for the countless hours all of you have contributed.
Hi James/Ray,

Sad to hear the news, but as you say things evolve and change and not always for the best.

Thank you for your efforts over the years. Thanks for the industry news and views not all of which were without controversy.

I wish you well in whatever direction life takes you.

This is sadder than Mandela dying!

All the best
Thank you James et al for running Rovworld during these years,

it is bad news that this website is locking down.
True, the forum was flooded by ROV wannabe's, yet Rovworld proved to be a useful, independent source of informations.

If the website is going to be taken over by somebody, I hope it will have some kind of banning for training establishments and people asking over and over the same questions about getting into ROV's.

All the best,

James, Gina, Ray

I'd like to add my thanks and appreciation for all your hard work over the years.

Been some 'interesting' and entertaining posts over the years.

For me, the websites finest moment was circa 2007. A well known agency had been playing funny buggers with the UK taxman, resulting in quite a few people being hit with very large tax demands. Posts, replies and reads on this website was directly responsible for a large portion of the rov workforce saying they would no longer work for said agency. This forced the agency into a huge u-turn and backed down on their position with the taxman.

Again, much thanks, and good luck in your current a future ventures.

I was in the pub.

I am please to advise that the site will not close and will likely run for many more years to come.

More at:

Thanks for the messages of support in this thread. Much appreciated!

James Mc
Site Admin

Shocked Search First - Ask questions later Thumb Up

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