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Hi All,

Am trying to locate ROV Contractors as opposed to Agencies who
are involved in working in the Black Sea with Freelance work in mind.

I live in the area for approx. six Months of the year.

Any info. on Companies, Types of Vehicles and rates would be appreciated.

Cheers in anticipation

Aren't you from Russia/Ukraine/etc ?
No, Born and Bred Janner!

I'm leaving in this region. Contact with me
You did not mention about your experience and qualification, which of ROV work do you prefer? So, your question is general, please be more specific.
Anyway, look at GSP Offshore, they have some projects in the region.
Hi Freediver,

20 years + experience for my sins. Superintendent/Supervisor, mainly Supervisor not that many Superintendent positions floating around.

If I was going to be fussy, (which I am), would go for Seaeye vehicles but plenty of Workclass under my belt.

I was in touch with Hamish Thomson at GSP in Constanta a year or so back, however, lost touch and have not been able to get hold of him since.

Through the grape vine I heard that GSP's ROV division went to the wall. Not sure how true this is.

Maybe somebody else in charge.

Any pointers would be appreciated



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