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What did I tell you Seahorse will accept any body as long as there Local since its just hit and run work .I might add they phoned me about 1 hour ago but I did not answer the call since all there jobs tend to be 5 or 6 days , So its Mob do the job and off again

Enjoy Vung Tau .


I think the biggest issue here is the ROV industry isn't regulated.

If it were, along the lines of diving with various regulated grades, then there would be no doubt as to what is required. Right now, there is no agreed standard other than 'guidelines' pushed out by a trade body. Those guidelines can be adhered to or not, and hold no precedence in law.

Hence threads like this debating whether a supervisors tickets exists or not.

Actually the ROV industry is in a bit of state as far as regulation is concerned. It was something we recognised here years ago at ROVworld but when we tried to sort it out, few wanted to do anything about it by way of self regulation, so it's been left to the IMCA (by default) to gain an even greater hold over how the subsea industry is run and guide the offshore ROV industry the way they see fit. Whether that will serve the best interests of ROV personal will matter not a jot to the IMCA.

I have no sympathy for those that are now having to deal with the uncertainty of the way things are moving in this industry.

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