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I have recently joined a Super Mohawk job with no inventory....
I have been given a WROV inventory from a different manufacturer and told to work with it. System is on-board and we could be joining to begin op's at any time.
I realize the work entailed in completing a proper inventory and am not trying to have my work done for me. I will have to of course locate and confirm we have the required spares at the least.
But a bit of help would be appreciated.
Critical spares the priority of course.
First job with a SM. Serial number 14.
If you have a inventory relating to a SM system near this serial # could you send (PM) ?
I appreciate the consideration.

Regards, Lucas
Hi Lucas

I think you better start on telling me were abouts you are in world then we can work it out from there .


Have you got a copy of the latest R06 ROV audit on the system? As a total "balls to the walls", I'd look it up and hunt for deficiencies !!!
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Company A has recently acquired this system from an established Int'l ROV company (B).
No recorded inventory came with it.
No audits.

I have received today a sample inv. from a colleague of a SM02 system that should help immensely.
Ideally I would have a inv. closer in serial number in case there are material differences.
But it is a good start.

The location of this system is Asia.

Thank-you for the interest.
Ok I have sent you a PM with the details .


Thank's for that.

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