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HI All, Question

I've been looking at the ROV industry for a few months now. Just recently found this website (thank GOD!!). I was planning on taking a ROV course (7 months, quite a full-time job and dishout $20 grand (Cdn)). But still a bit undecided of a move to the industry? I have a 3 year Electronic Engineering Technology Diploma and 5 years related experience. I troubleshoot and maintain servo hydraulic/pneumatic equipment on a daily basis, along with machine design and metal fabrication and a list of other related skills which seem to be required for ROVing, except not normally at 3000m under water...

From the ROV courses point of view and the ROV companies, this is one of the best trades to be in, hummmm, I'm old enough to know better than that. BUT, just thinking of the travel (I know it gets old, but so does the same workplace day after day) sounds interesting to see new places. Depending on who is replying here, pay sucks (compared to my paycheck I would guess not) or not bad or great, but depends on location, company and experience.

SO, I'm 30ish, Canadian, and an electronics education/experience (I know, not a dating site). If your me do you get into this industry or not.

I like a challenge, travelling of course money, but not stupid and know it will take time. If I decide to do this, what would be some things to be cautious of. What type of money should I be expecting starting out? What locations should I not go too first? Any particular organizations or companies newbies should stay away from - which ones would be good to start with?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If you give me 20 grand ( sterling ) I can give you some names of people in Canada to look up Very Happy
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Thanks Lostboy,

Didn't realize you were also a headhunter? How about 20 grand in IOUs, seriously though, I can't seem to find much in Canada as far as ROVing goes?? I've been trying to find out who looks after Sabble Island and Hybernia? So I've sort of faced reality and realize I'll be overseas somewhere.


Oceaneering Canada Ltd. (OCL) in St. John's, NFLD.
As far as I know, they have no assets at either hibernia or sable.
5 or 6 systems offshore Newfie at the moment.
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