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For any rookies looking for a good training center a trip to Global Marine's training school is a good bet. Nige and his team were very professional and knowledgeable as one would expect.

I decided a couple of years ago to leave a very good Career in the Royal Marines to get into the ROV world. After doing some research online and talking with guys who had made the same move before me, I still wasn't sure where to do my training. However I went to a forces Job Fair in Plymouth and had a little chat with Lesley and arranged a visit to have a look around Global's training facilities. After Speaking with Nigel and having a full tour of his Training School I decided to roll my dice and make the move.

The 3 week course cover's all the basic's needed to get your Pilot Grade 2. Plus there is an excellent mixture of ROV Piloting and Practical workshop competences which goes towards your Grade 1. I was also able to take my Rov grade 1 written test and got that squared away.

As for help with Job searching, on the course if a job comes in Nigel will put you forward to his contacts. I wasn't looking to relocate so I didn't put myself forward for one which came in. Also they helped me tweet my CV, gave me loads of info and at anytime I was welcome to email or phone for advice.

Like I say I took a gamble with my Career a year ago and now it's paid off. I've had interviews, got let down by one company, I've had plenty of phone calls and emails ref work.
I have been doing this for 48 years and i have never even heard of global Marine???

Rov Training school, i was born this way!! Had a birth mark in the shape of a compass rose on my arse!!!

Listen, this course might sound great but i wouldnt be attending unless they are paying at least 850/day for your trouble!!

To all trainees, we know who you are and if we find out that you have been taking test and getting correct ROV qualifications you WILL not find work!!

The ROV Mafia!!

Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
Oh dear!

Shy bairns get nowt
O Noooo not them nasty ROV Mafia men!!!
Thebigbhoy, people like you always make me laugh. you spout off about how long you have been doing the job then come out with some crap that makes you look like an idiot. Whats it to you if people want to do a training course. its their money not yours and if your so good at your jobs these new guys aint going to effect your work as they wont get hired if they are not any good. If they do the problem is with the company you work for as their recruitment department is failing. you cant knock some one for wanting to try and get a job. And for someone that has been doing the job for 48 years i cant believe you havnt heard of global marine. They are probably one of the biggest players in the cable installation market.
Beaufort12 i think your taking what bhoys saying far too seriously. Smile
The whole thread is hilarious..f*#k don't go to school then!! I have been talking to a few HR people face to face lately they don't rate them either. Take your chances without it is what I say.
Hey Beaufort12

As 82ross said, don`t take thebigbhoys comment too serious. If in doubt, sometimes it helps tp look when they joined Rovworld as a member.

But I think to remember working with him. Was tough flying in those days, ROVs did not have any cameras in the early days. Survey was a pain in a**e.

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Oh my God,

Who ever though i was serious needs a bullet!!

I was taking the piss out of the usual suspects who pick on trainees, 48 years?? [banned word] me, ROV's must have been made of wood!!

Peace out ballbags.

The Big Bhoy.

Thanks for your feedback. Thumb Up
I'm sure that for those wishing to take a traning course it will help in their decision making process.

Lets face it, right or wrong, these training schools are here to stay so best allow people in this section to assist others in weeding out the dross.
James Mc
Site Admin

Shocked Search First - Ask questions later Thumb Up
Ok. I seem to have engaged my mouth / keyboard before using my brain here. appologies. Got caught on a bad day.
Like most I don't need to go to school as for the last ten years I've been working on multi million pound vehicles and equipment's at various level's of responsibly. Also in hostile envoirment's ashore and afloat around the globe.

However I wanted to get into this industry and had money to spend so I top up my resettlement grants and done the basic ROV Tech 2 course to get half a foot into this sector.

All I'm saying is, in my opinion the course at Global Marine was a excellent one at a reasonable price and I'm know in ROV work.


So............ You got a job with them then ?
Hi all,

Good post Scavenger. Any other of you guys that took a good course out there want to add something or name a school worthy enough to recommend to prospects?
I got your economic downturn right here!!!
I have a slot reserved for Sept 10th at the Underwater Center Fort Williams. Presently I am working in Afghanistan and am looking forward to the 7 weeks at the training center(understatement). Anytime you start down the path to a new career it can be a bit nerve wracking.
I would be interested to hear from anyone that took the course at the Underwater Center and how they are faring out in the ROV industry.

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