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Hi all, I currently just started working offshore in the UK. I was wondering if there are any Canadian’s in here currently working in the UK and have previously claimed UK taxes on their income tax return in Canada? I know Canada has a treaty with the UK so as not to be “Double Taxed”. Although I was curious what the process for claiming back my UK tax would be and if there would be any loss of income due to this? I know the UK tax can go up to %40 after like £34,000 earned, so i was wondering since i pay less % in Canada and more in the UK will i get back the rest? Any Canadians out there that would like to help i would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance Smile
The first thing to determine is your tax residency. If you are deemed to be non-UK resident for tax purposes then you may well be able to claim back all of the UK tax and just pay taxes in Canada. You may also not be liable for UK National Insurance Contributions.

Residency can be a complicated area but is primarily concerned with where you live the majority of the time, where you work, for whom you work (and where they are based) and for how long in respect of the aforementioned.
Kind Regards
Steve White

Your Tax Office Ltd
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