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Forgot to ask, can you implement it using H.264 codec?
Savante, you just know that if you dont add the telemetry option, someone will ask for it! Besides, it's good for marketing purposes. All those pastey types sitting in orifaces will positively get a hard-on for the option. Temp, do you remember the Monty Python sketch about the gramophone? Paper bag on head and all that good stuff. Laughing
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Get trained by monkeys...get paid peanuts!
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Yup, it's got that codec already and also some of the earlier ones too.

OK, telemetry going in - probably go for the insurance angle for accident investigation (possibly for boats too although I think they might have their own BB). It's set up to accept RS232 / ethernet data from Eiva Navipac, Seaeye topside or multiple sensors directly.

I've made a loader screen - but as I'm on this cruddy pc I can't ftp to my web-site as the administrator doesn't allow us to fart in front of this terminal. Instead, I've uploaded the image to a web-site at

(Taken down temporarily)

Its supposed to be a vault with a dvd door under red lights....

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Looks more like a Torpedo loading hatch Laughing
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back to the drawing board.............. Embarassed

There is already a software product named Video Vault, may have to rethink your name to avoid copyright?

The pukka Marine VDR's (Voyage Data Recorders) often fitted to larger vessels are subject to various specific hardware requirements for survivability after an accident, so that data can actually be retrieved after it's been at the bottom of the oggin for a while, a laptop or ordinary pc are not suitable platforms for this purpose as I'm sure you can appreciate.

If a selling point is to be the digital recording of video and data for e.g. insurance/evidence purposes, then probably need to have some form of authentication embedded in the recorded information e.g. a 'digital watermark' such as MD5, DES etc., to prevent tampering and image manipulation post-recording.

I guess it depends on what the intended purpose of it is, e.g. to replace existing VCR or DVR solutions currently used offshore, or provide an alternative option to save buying a dedicated DVR/NVR.

I'd still like to have a black box on my lap-top!


I've taken down the loader image just to be sure and keep James/Gina clean - will change the title sometime once I've spent some more thought on this.

I think initially - I'm going to call this thing ver. 1.0 It will just be the basic functionality of blackbox video recording to hard-disk with grab and date/time overlay.

The overlay can add a bitmap image or text or the present time, but this is not the same as a watermark is it? - looks like it's actually encoded into the wavelet transform.
We recently got some DVD recorders to replace the SVHS machines. They have a hard drive built in.

They also have a great "what the hell was that" function. This thing records to the hard drive all the time, up to 4 days or so I think, and if something happens "what the hell was that??" you can start recording to dvd starting 12 seconds ago, 24, 48 etc. (basically start recording anytime before it happened).

s'brilliant. No more black box videos running out and no-one noticing Smile
cheers ray, will code in that function in as it sounds useful. button to be labelled "WTF?"

what about video-crypt? (Crypt as in either encrypt or crypt as in TOMB) - i took a quick google and could n't really find a product out there with similar application.

Isnt videocrypt the name of the video tape copy protection standard? Oh hand on no thats macrovision.

Videocrypt...Ive heard it before. Years ago when Sky was on analogue satellite there was a satellite tv encryption called videocrypt.

Ah, googled it, it was the encryption used by The Adult Channel! Wondered why I remembered that...
Did you actually write some code? What language is it in?

Or did you just compile some packages from the 100's of free Linux DVR distrubutions currently available, including some that run on memory sticks?
yup, i wrote it in c# and some of the dlls are in using the 2003 development environment. been coding for 3 years now.
just took a look at your linux dvr - he's written something similar in terms of functionality. i like the interface though.
sounds like you're onto a good thing. Dunno about the telemetry though, what about survey data and a bit of input from the guys, could use soft keys for the usual stuff. Then you would be able to create the video / dive logs on the fly (in more ways than one). Wink
I've put up my first attempt at the front end- no laughing - (too loud at least!). probably could afford to get rid of the textures and keep it windowsXP barebones.

Trying to keep it very simple at the moment - fewer the buttons the better until I work out what is used the most....


Guide to buttons

Normal review of video buttons (stop, play,advance, rev) - darn forgot pause.!!!!

Record video clip (now records 40s in advance of pressing the save button )

Screen grab from video - JPG

World map button sends regular screen grabs to a website via FTP - can be downloaded using mobile phone/PDA

Networked PC button sends live video through network (or internet if your firewall permits) via Media Player

Disk button allows you to set the options for exporting data to a pen drive.

Overlay options - text, image bitmap and/or PC clock time.

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