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Hello everyone. Can somene please assist me. I have been offered a position with SS7 as a ROV/Pilot Tech and I am a little concerned that the offer is a lower than I expected. Not to go into to much detail I have but here is the short of it all. They have offered me a day rate of $481 (US). Needless to say I find it to be lower than expected can anyone please shed some light on the subject. I would like to respond to the offer but I could use some insight prior to sending them a counter offer. I have been working in the ROV industry as a ROV/Pilot Tech for 4 years now in the Gulf of Mexico. I placed my CV with SS7 with the hopes of being able procure and better day rate. One last note this a global offshore position based out of the Aberdeen office. Please forgive me if I have broken protocol by mentioning my day rate offer. In closing I would like to thank you for your assistance and consideration.

Kind Regards,

You haven't broken any protocol or forum rules mentioning day rate. The more people that post or discuss day rates the better people are informed as to who to work with, or in this case who not to work with based on a poor day rate.

The rate is low, but I doubt if SS7 will entertain any counter offer. You could try them with an offer though. Don't ask don't get!
I feel you'd be better to scout around other UK companies or agencies and see what they come up with before accepting the type of offer OI have made you. It's busy right now so someone should snap you up with the experience you have.

I find it a bit odd that they are employing you out of the UK office but offering a US$ day rate. Maybe in the hope that it sounds like more than it is when quoting USD rather than GBP. Don't SS7 employ UK people through Singapore?

Do you have an EU work permit or EU Passport. If not that may go against you a little.
I expect it is to fill the slots that they have in Africa, especially if it is for i-Tech as the have lost a few people this year.
Thank you for the response. I obviously do not want to sell myself short. As for the pay in US dollars its because I am a US citizen and resident. The pay is from Singapore. I do not have a EU work visa nor passport. I do however believe I may get. UK passport since my father was born in Scotland. My main question to the forums is what would be an acceptable day rate range for someone with my experience?
And how much has your day rate been in the GOM then?
225 wrote:
Do you have an EU work permit or EU Passport. If not that may go against you a little.

Not sure that makes much differance, given the fact you dont need a EU permit or passport to work in the North Sea. The crews are mulitnational and the work is global.

From a legal 'right to work' perspective I'm not sure it makes much of a difference either. What is clear to me is those without the right to work in the UK/EU (aka foreign workers) have been paid low offshore rates by an Aberdeen based operator in the past.
In fact that same operator had those same low paid workers working in the North Sea. The so called 'global' nature of the employment contract wears a little thin when that happens, as it would appear to be a cheap way to get people offshore in the UK sector and undercut the prevailing rates. The rate quoted by the OP appears to be a repeat of that.

Just can't recall who the operator was at the time..... Rolling Eyes

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In my experience with SS7 they pay resident Americans less in the GoM compared to non-residents simply because they can and so far sufficient Americans accept it.
That simple.
The day rate I have been making is comparable to what they have offered me for this position not including bonuses, Retirement savings account matched up to 6% of my income, health insurance etc... that i currently make. I do however want to point out that with most Americans when we leave the Gulf of Mexico for our respective companies there is an additional 20-30% increase in day rate. I obviously do not want to take a pay cut. The idea here is to try to determine what is an average day rate with someone in position working for a UK based company. I was told that UK based ROV operators make considerably more that what I have been offered. Therefore I'm trying to piece together enough information so I may make a counter offer or just pass on the job. How much does a Pilot Tech make in Europe? I realize that there is a pay chart on the forums but it does not give me a clear picture of what most of ROV industry would consider an acceptable rate. Any opinions from the forums people based in Europe would be greatly appreciated. Thank you once again in advance for your insight and opinion.

I would want to Know the level of Pilot Tech you have been quoted there could be around 7-10 different Positions with a Title Pilot Tech Several Senior and few Pilot Techs and then the lower positions in all at least 7 with most companies today so which one have you been offered.?
Then i would want to know the rates for the next positions above that ie whats the next position the title and rate.
Work out how long it would take you to get there maybe it could be a good jump or a long carrot so not worth earning less for two or 3 trips trips if your going to be on low rates for next 3 years as by that time you would leave SS7 anyway and thats what they expect so basically they get cheap labour for few years.

I have been told by SS7 the rate out of SG in USD would be less than GBP rate from ABZ. for Example Oceaneering USD rate instead of the GBP rate is quite a lot lower. allthough i use UK passport for example and have no idea of your contract point of view.

And the rate the guys are paid for Pilot Tech 1 in the North Sea now is not much higher than your 481 USD anyway and certainly the Agency rate is not very good i under stand some is only 540 USD Pilot Tech and i forget the Senior is around 585 USD Some agency's will be higher.

And on top of that many agency with SS7 are only paying half travel for day after you leave the vessel and day before if travelling so end up with 2 half days as well.
SS7 also employs crews from many different sectors and many get different rates and yet they still get crewed in the same sector.

481 USD day rate the answer would be say NO and tell them you want the next rate its what they expect you to do anyway.

And if they NO well plenty other companies looking and you could go freelance and earn around 700-750USD upwards for Senior Pilot Tech.

GBP to USD is at 1.53 market rate for volume but changing small values lucky to get 1.51 at this time.
I decided to update everyone. And let me
you know I passed on the job offer.
Thanks for all of your input.
I also offered by S7 for a 418USD day rate but never accept the offer. I had questioned the S7 Senior HR Manager in the Aberdeen office why does the rate they offer was so low. She answered that their rate was based on the assessment of my technical telephone interview (45mins) and she told me that the rate is aligned in the IMCA standard. I know that the ROV position is aligned in the IMCA standard but not the day rate.

You better go as a freelance and you will be paid off on the rate that you want.
Thinking about possibly going freelance but I m torn between staying where I m at and getting my promotions. I feel strongly that I can be promoted from my current position to a supervisor position within 12 months or less. I am in the process of being promoted to a senior tech currently. I should have had that promotion a year ago. Ultimately I m most concerned with making more money. My question is do all of you think I should hang out and wait for those promotions or go freelance. The promotions obviously look better on yoir CV and thus should translate into more money in the future. Any input gentlemen would be great appreciated.

Oh also I have bosiet, huet training however I do not have a UKOOA medical. I can get the medical if needed and when needed since i m in perfect health. Just a reminder I live in the U.S.A.
Whilst I'm hopefully new to this industry, I am well experienced in industry in general. I would have thought stay where you are, get the promotion to supervisor and then go freelance. Use your current employer as a stepping stone.

It is your option mate! For me, if I feel I am well qualified to do the ROV job, I will step out to my current company. I can also work on the ROV competency to be promoted and go up to the next level of position.

If you will be promoted as Spervisor to your current job, it will not make a change when you enter the ROV industry. You will start as a Trainee then become a full pledge PT after you complete your competence. Nowadays, the company is aligning their ROV personnel competence (base on IMCA) for clients approval to go in the job. Your competence is your key to your profession in which the company/agency base your wages.

Time is gold as of now as season get busy.
225 wrote:

However looking at the staff side of things. it seem likely that Subsea 7 will be moving all staff to a full salary deal in the near future. No more salary plus offshore allowance. Just a full salary, work or not.

Really ?
That's quite a turnaround. For years they only increased offshore allowance, salary remained the same. Or if salary did increase not by the same % as the allowance.
You can be sure they've thought this through as a way to save money.

My bet it they'll work out the salary based on the original 165 contracted days knowing most do nearer 200.
200 - 165 = 35 double bubble days saved meanwhile antagonising an already disgruntled workforce.

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